Tom Felton answers your Twitter questions in brilliant interview

In one of my favorite interviews ever, Tom Felton is asked YOUR Twitter questions by I thought it was interesting that, while answering the gummy bear question (which I’m sure I stole from someone else, so credit to you, whomever it was!), he mentioned that he had seen all our questions on Twitter as we recommended them to! Next time we’ll have to send the questions via a private e-mail so he is more surprised and caught off guard. 😉

Also, I think it is very important that Tom finally addresses the vicious rumors regarding poor Stanley. Now we can finally put our questions to rest!

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton answers your Twitter questions in brilliant interview

  1. Minute 2:49 is right before the American Accent starts, Misha.

    I thought tinting was making something darker and highlighting made it lighter.

    • Yeah, is he right about the tinting vs. bleaching thing? I don’t see any way that his hair is not bleached! They might not use BLEACH itself, but definitely a chemical lightener? Anyone have any input on this?

  2. There’s been so much the last few says that I have waited to comment. He is very charming and self possessed, it always amazing me that he doesn’t have weird quirks or something. Being interviewed is awkward!!

    So cute and sweet and the Bless You was funny. Why chinchillas? That is the funniest thing of all.

  3. The blessing part is my favorite moment from this video. It’s the 100% proof of Thomas’s goodness, of the beauty of his Soul, that is. About your next EP, Thomas, take all the time you need, there’s no rush, really. God Bless You.

    With Love,


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