Tom Felton discusses fantasy fishing, his patriotism (or lack therof), and chocolate pancakes with Dave & Darren from KBOB radio

Thanks to Feltbeats Army member and amazing birthday cake maker @southernbets, we now have a recording of Tom’s interview with Dave and Darren from KBOB radio. Tom discusses fantasy fishing, the Queen and chocolate pancakes with Dave & Darren.

Part One:
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Part Two:
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SouthernBets actually transcribed the interview for us as well:

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Dave: “[On the phone we’ve got this guy who is in] one of the biggest projects in the face of entertainment. He’s a huge star and then once this Harry Potter stuff is over he can focus on the rest of his career. And then he’s going to be the kind of superstar that won’t take our phone calls, but for now, Tom Felton is willing to join us here live on the Dave and Darren Show.”

Dave: “Good Morning, Sir”

Tom: “Good Morning, Dave and Darren! How are you?”

Darren: “And… he’s actually willing to place the call too.”

Dave: “Yeah. He’s paying for the call. He’s calling from New York. That’s long-distance, for crying out loud.”

Tom: “What can I say? What can I say?”

Darren: “We had something earlier, and this is not to insult you in any way, shape or form, and I hope it doesn’t, but earlier….”

Dave: “Let’s not start the interview off with an insult.”

Darren: “It’s not an insult. We were talking with the Impossible Question. Earlier today, we were asking our listeners what Trooping the Colours are, and you obviously know what that is.”

Tom: “Ah, help me out. Sorry? Trooping the Colours? Elaborate.”

Darren: “Okay. In June, there’s a big parade for the sovereign, for the birthday of the sovereign? Trooping the Colours? You’ve never heard of that?”

Tom: “Oh, excuse me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, now I’m with ya. Now I know. Yeah, yeah, I was actually in town this year when they were doing that.”

Darren: “The Queen’s birthday, then?”

Tom: “That’s right.”

Dave: “But it’s not really the Queen’s birthday in June.”

Darren: “Right.”

Tom: “Well actually, you know what, I’m going to confess here and show my un-patriotism, and say I wouldn’t have a clue, to be honest with you. I have actually no idea when the Queen’s birthday is. Help me out.”

Dave & Darren: “No, we don’t know either.”

Tom: “You don’t know either. Okay, I didn’t want to sound educated.”

Darren: “No, it’s just that that’s when it takes place is in June.”

Tom: “Okay. Okay. So where are we going with this?

Dave & Darren: “Well, no. We were just asking. We were just asking. We figured you would know.”

Tom: “Oh, okay. To be honest with you, I should know. I’m sure. You know actually, this is the first year that I even knew about this… What is it called? Trooping the Colours?”

Darren: “Trooping the Colours. Right.”

Tom: “Is that what they call it?”

Dave: “Wow”

Tom: “No, I was in London, and I was trying to drive around and every road was closed, and I kept asking ‘What the hell is going on?’”

Dave: *laughs* “So it’s not that big of a deal.”

Darren: “It’s an inconvenience is what it is.”

Tom: “Well, pretty much, yeah. I had no idea it was going on, and I was most inconvenienced because of it. Yeah.”

Dave: “And what happened was, years and years ago, King Edward VII decided you know what? The weather sucks so bad here, that we’re going to make it the second Saturday in June, and that’s, from now on, the sovereign’s birthday, from now on, because that’s really the only weekend we can count on the weather being decent for a parade.”

Darren: “So Tom…keep this in mind if you’re driving around in London. Not on the second Saturday of June, okay?”

Tom: “Not only will I do that, I will retain that information.”

Darren: “Alright, very good.”

Tom: “I will [share] that on the set when I go home.”

Dave: “Now, in the Harry Potter movie, the last one, the Deathly Hallows, you’re making that now. I mean, obviously not now, you’re in New York doing interviews with us, but you guys are filming that last movie now. Right?”

Tom: “That’s right. Yeah, we’re about half-way through. We’re splitting the last book into two films which is great for us. We get to do a lot more work, which is a lot of fun. Yeah, it’s all going really, really well. We’ve been shooting some of the, sort of, key scenes towards the ending, etc. But, yeah, I can’t reveal too much, but what I can say is that it’s certainly looking epic.”

Darren: “It’s kind of a rare circumstance that you’re in. I mean, I’m sure that you’ve loved all of this, but then I’m sure that you’re also looking forward to doing other things with your career. It’s a rare circumstance when someone as young as you has had something that’s been this epic and lasting this long really kind of consume the beginning of your career.”

Tom: “Yeah, it’s certainly a very unique experience, I mean, and the fact that, of course, I did it with sort of ten, twelve other children my age. We all did it together, so kind of like a big journey. And it has been most of my life, certainly most of my adult life. I mean, I’ve been doing this since I was twelve on Harry Potter. But yeah, it’s very weird looking back at it in that respect. I’m only 22 and of course, we’ve done a fair bit of work already, which obviously, I’m very proud of that, and fingers crossed, I’ll be lucky enough to stay in this position for the rest of my life.”

Dave: “Now your character, Draco Malfoy, is kind of the bully, kind of the jerk, gives Harry Potter a hard time.”

Tom: “He is. Yeah”

Dave: “But it seems like the fans are able to, and I don’t know if this would be true in other franchises, but it seems like the fans are able to kind of separate you from the character. You don’t have fans treating you badly for giving Harry such a hard time, right?”

Tom: “Oh, you’d be surprised, my friend. You’d be very surprised. I have several letters each week requesting or even pleading with me to leave Harry alone. You know, do I not understand the grief that I am causing him. Literally, some people have sent me essays about how, you know, Harry is going to need counseling because of me.”

Dave: “You should bring that up to the director. Like, what if we go in a different direction from the book, and what if Draco and Harry in the last movie become the best of friends.”

Tom: “Well, I mean, yeah, well you never know. You never know. There is certainly space for that. I’ll put it to him and see what he says.”

Darren: “Now which one is coming out on dvd now?”

Tom: “The Half Blood Prince”

Dave: “[I read on your Wikipedia page that you wanted to be a Fisherman], is that true?”

Tom: “It’s something that I said very early on in my career when I was kind of 12/13, you know, that was one of the things that I enjoyed doing a lot and was one of the things that I wanted to do for a living. Since then, I’ve seen, maybe not the error of my ways, but I’ve seen the light, and now, yeah, I kind of just want to continue on with the [acting.]”

Darren: “But did you actually form the World Junior Carp Tournament?”

Tom: “I did. I did in Upstate New York. My brother and I did that about 8 years ago.”

Darren: “Well, this is what you can do, Tom. You can continue this acting thing, because it seems as though it’s going well, and then you can dabble in something I’m into called ‘Fantasy Fishing.’”

Tom: “Fantasy Fishing? Help me out.”

Darren: “It’s like Fantasy Football, I don’t know if …”

Tom: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. We have Fantasy Football.”

Darren: “It’s the same thing, but it’s with fishermen and fishing.”

Tom: “Ahhhhh.”

Dave: “You bet on professional anglers, and how much they catch.”

Tom: “Okay, I like that. Do you have some, like, really famous fishermen of America?”

Darren: “Well you can… Uhh, not that I know of.”

Dave: “Darren did it two years ago, Tom, and won a $25 gift certificate for picking the right fisherman.”

Tom: “So that’s why you’re holding on to that victory.”

Darren: “No, no, no, I turned that into beer, my friend.”

Tom: “I can still hear in your voice you’re celebrating now.”

Darren: “Well, I tell ya what. There is nothing like drinking free beer that you earned from Fantasy Fishing.”

Tom: “Hey man, I’m with ya there. That does sound good.”

Dave: “You never know what to believe on the internet, but as someone who follows you on Twitter, I understand you had a big pancake breakfast this morning.”

Tom: “Very much so, very much so, I did. I did. It’s one thing that we don’t do in England, and if we do, we do it very poorly. Breakfast pancakes, you guys rule, so yeah, whenever I’m in America, especially New York, I always do my best to get some chocolate chip pancakes.”

Dave: “Are they called pancakes in England?”

Tom: “What? Sorry?”

Dave: “Are they called pancakes in England?

Tom: “We do have pancakes, but they would probably be really more of a crepe, a French…”

Darren: “Oh, a crepe. Yeah.”

Tom: “That’s kind of what we call pancakes, and we do have American pancakes, but obviously they’re called…”

Dave: “People give the English such a hard time over the food, and it’s really not as bad as people make it out to be. But you are right that you guys, for whatever reason, you once ruled every corner of the globe but you just have never figured out breakfast.”

Tom: “Yeah, you know what, I’m gonna have to go against my country here and actually agree with you, I think. I don’t even eat breakfast in England. It just doesn’t seem worthy enough, whereas over here, you know. Actually, as of recently on Deathly Hallows, they just started doing this thing where on Fridays we can have pancakes for breakfast at the studios. So yeah, they are catching on to it, which it’s a good thing.”

Darren: “Over in England it would be what, it’d be a spot of tea and then some beans, right?”

Tom: “A spot of tea, and maybe possibly a crumpet or two.”

Darren: “Yeah”

Dave: “Well there ya go. Those English.”

Darren: “English breakfast tea.”

Dave: “Tom Felton, the dvd is out. I’m sure everyone has already gone to the store and gotten the blu-ray and then the Deathly Hallows, it’s a two-movie event that will happen?”

Tom: “That’s correct. The two films, one book, obviously, but two films. Actually, very shockingly, there is a sneak peek of the first Deathly Hallows available on the blu-ray of the Half-Blood Prince, which I haven’t even seen yet, so I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen really. It’s already what, a year in advance and they are releasing a scene, so yeah, I’m very excited for that.”

Dave: “Well Tom, keep up the good work. Thank you for your time this morning.”

Darren: And stay of the streets of London in June, huh? Second Saturday.”

Tom: “Thank you guys.”

Dave: “Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series. There you go.”

Darren: “World Junior Carp Tournament”

Dave: “You know, he’s on a press junket promoting the dvd of Harry Potter…”

Darren: “Did we mention that, by the way?”

Dave: “And the Half-Blood Prince. He was able to get it in.”

Darren: “Okay, good.”

Dave: “He’s talking to morning shows all around the country. I don’t know that any other show is going to ask him about Fantasy Fishing. But see, this is the kind of show where the guests learn as much as we do.”

Darren: “Or Trooping the Colours”

Dave: “What the hell is going on here? Figure it out. Tom Felton joining us on the Dave and Darren show. Cool Kid.”

Thanks a ton Betsy for the interview!

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton discusses fantasy fishing, his patriotism (or lack therof), and chocolate pancakes with Dave & Darren from KBOB radio

  1. I expected Thomas to be more more patriotic than that, and I’ve never been so glad to be proven wrong! *lol*

    Thomas, you may have not seen the error of your ways, but to have seen the light is a tremendeous, thrilling news to me to read out. You’re walking out on the right path, Honey. I know you are. Blessed Be.

    With Love,


  2. “A spot of tea, and maybe possibly a crumpet or two.” so having that for breakfast tomorrow now ;). i luv it when Tom says epic! haha whenever people say “epic” it always makes me think of Tom! 😀

    Luv ya TONS, Tom!
    Your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

  3. Na … na … na … na … na he couldn’t forget me! It was I who loved pancake melted choco chips as I wrote on Forum.

    Thanx Tom Felton, but actually I never found that cocoa chips can melt in normal F***ahrenheit of stupid baby. Yep, Andrew was genius kid.

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