Video of Tom Felton Arriving at British Comedy Awards

Thanks to elizabethtoni of Youtube, we now have a video of Tom Felton [and Jade] arriving at the British Comedy Awards 2009 two days ago. Tom appears at about 3:59 of the first one, and he’s right at the beginning of the second one [although the video’s eye is focused on others until about 1:14]! Let’s hope they weren’t too cold.

Thanks again to elizabethtoni for the videos!

And Enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Video of Tom Felton Arriving at British Comedy Awards

  1. Ohh Tom Bless you hun wish I could have been there you came straight over to my friends thank you so much we really appreciate you hopefully next time I will be there too

    • That was your friends over there?

      Yes, Thomas went straight over to them, not walked right in without seeing nor hearing them! I think he’s even stayed a while longer with the fans than to previous similar events, which is making this moment worth to be treasured, always.

      Just saw than British Airways has gone on strike, and officially cancelled Thomas’s flight for Miami. I sincerely wish things will solve out soon.

      With Love,


      • Yes that was my friends. Some of them were with me at the HMV signing in London it was awesome
        so was Tom .He is soo kind towards his fans .I just wanna give him a big HUG and I will just
        One of these days.

  2. What a mad-house! I would not like to be the center of attention like that, he and Jade are very self-possessed.
    Love the fluffy hair and half smile.

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