Tom Felton wins award for “Best Actor/Actress to Follow on Twitter”!

As we told you a few weeks ago, Tom was nominated for a Twitter award from Mashable. We are happy to announce today that:

Tom won Best Actor/Actress on Twitter!

Click here to see all the winners!

Online Web Awards

This is a really big social media contest, and had more than three-quarters of a million votes. Here is more information, from the site:

The Open Web Awards is our international online voting competition that covers major innovations in web technology and achievements in Social Media. Previous winners include Facebook, Pandora, iGoogle, Google Maps, Digg, Mahalo, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, ShareThis and Evernote.

This year, we received over 440,000 nominations with over 70,000 nominees and over 780,000 final votes. Readers voted in 50 categories including new themes to reflect the evolution of web culture since 2008.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the Open Web Awards – you’re now on our radar and we’ll be tracking your progress throughout 2010. Winners are welcome to use the badge provided below and to include Mashable and Open Web Awards on your website and in any marketing or press materials — if you’d like a quote for a press release, please contact us.

Please send Tom a tweet saying congratulations! Just re-tweet the following:

RT @feltbeats Congratulations @tomfelton for being Best Actor to Follow! Please RT! #openwebawards

Thanks sooo much to sraz_ for the original idea! And congratulations Tom!

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