Tom Felton interviewed on Paul O’Grady Show by Young Fan

Tom, along with Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Jesse Cave get some very unique and fun questions from a spunky 7 year old.

Tom appears around 1:38 in the video and answers the question of who’s better at flying, him or Harry?

Thanks to and lilyginny27 for the tip!

13 thoughts on “Tom Felton interviewed on Paul O’Grady Show by Young Fan

  1. The bathroom scene’s become absolutely Thomas’s favorite scene to shoot, despite all this water pouring over!

    I think Harry and Draco are even at flying brooms, although Slytherins’ method are differing greatly from Gryffindors…*grin*

    With Love,


  2. Okay seriously… this is ridiculously cute! Zachary is adorable, and it’s nice to see the actors trying to answer how a kid could understand, rather than an adult.
    Tom was wonderful with him!

  3. Aww, that kid doesn’t know just how much I envy him right now :)) Tom was so fun and enthusiastic with the kid, I liked it when the kid asked him who’s better at quiditch (i think), him or harry, and he said “me, that’s not a question!” Adorable! It’s funny how he’s like “Draco” when he answers the kid’s question and yet he doesn’t seem like the the “enemy” when talking about “Harry”. So so cute! I wish Draco and Harry can be friends 🙂 The bathroom scene is also my fave (actually, every scene with Tom is my fave) :”> Love both Tom and Dan! 😀

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