Tom Felton looks like a Surfer Dude?

The Daily Mail reports that Tom Felton looks more like a surfer than his character Draco, the evil foil of Harry Potter, while vacationing in sunny Miami with his girlfriend, Jade. Only his lack of a tan seems to disrupt the image. Tom is wearing factor 50+ sunscreen, because Deathly Hallows filming resumes on January 4, and he needs to maintain his character’s pale complexion.

Glad to hear that even the media thinks Tom looks like a surfer, since he recently filmed a teaser from an upcoming film “In Between the Waves”, a buddy movie where he’s cast as a surfer. Looks like he’ll be ready to portray the role perfectly, and we hope he will be filming in the near future.

Thanks to Blondbookworm007 for the tip!!

Update: This was also covered by Perez Hilton! Way to go Tom!

26 thoughts on “Tom Felton looks like a Surfer Dude?

  1. Yes, Thomas definitely looks like a surfer, dressed up as he is! Good to see he doesn’t bother to walk around in bare feet. Even I, when it’s getting too hot, I can’t stand anymore the contact of the thongs on mine!

    With Love,


  2. They’re so cute together!
    And Jade is beautiful as ever 🙂
    to say nothing about Tom, because everyone else did already! ^^


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