Tom Felton in german magazine TWIST – issue 1/2010

Crass! How it all began! Would you recognize your favorites? These stars were, as kids, already in front of the camera!

How cute! In the white suit, stockings, and sunhat, Tom is walking next to actress Jodie Foster (47) in the film “Anna and the King.” At that time, the little blond was just eleven years old. Tom succeeded two years later in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” as meany Draco Malfoy, his major breakthrough.

21 thoughts on “Tom Felton in german magazine TWIST – issue 1/2010

  1. To this day, “Anna & The King” remains my fravorite movie. Precisely because I never would have guessed the so many things Thomas brought up to me so far across the ending year, and now all I’m looking forward are the ones he can bring into the coming one…

    Thanks, Honey.
    You’re a Blessing by itself.

    With Love,


    • Have a Happy and Merry New Year, Thomas, and as the girls said, may it be more joyful, productive and fantastic that what has go on before!

      Girls, I’m wishing you the same for this year, and looking forward keeping having some fun paying you a visit at any given time!

      With Love,


    • you think he was cute in Anna and the King, go rent the Borrowers. He was down right adorable in that.
      And then go rent Second Sight Hide and Seek. He’s not in it much but his bits are awesome.
      After hearing him sing I wish he’d been Toby in Sweeney Todd. but he was too old. oh for a time machine. lol

  2. I absolutely love Anna & the King. I LOVE this movie so much! And I laughed so hard when I was looking through pictures here of Tom and saw he was the little boy in that movie. And once I knew then it made sense and he looked familiar. Very awesome 🙂 I love Tom (not like, I want to marry him love just that he’s pretty damn awesome kind of love lol) and can’t wait to see him do more 🙂 very excited for the last HP movie too! xoxo

    • @feltbeats I remember watching that movie over and over again when I was younger just so I could see Tom Felton in it ^.^

  3. LOL, I actually wanted to buy this magazine a few hours ago…without seeing this page. Well, I guess, I made my decision now! Always cool to find something bout Tom in German magazines.

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