Tom Felton with piggy Draco

Anna and Kayleigh meet Tom Felton at the HMV signing for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and give him the piggybank they made for him.

Watch the video here:

Anna & Kayleigh present Tom Felton with Draco Savaloy

Update from Misha: And, I think it is very relevant to include this video as well, also from our friends Anna and Kayleigh. It is a touching, serious and poignant reenactment of the Chamber of Secrets dueling scene, starring Harry and Draco as, er, piggybanks.

Thanks @anna_mairead (on Twitter) and twopigsinapod (on YouTube) for uploading the video on YouTube

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton with piggy Draco

  1. To give away something you made yourself, rather than buy a random thing you can find into any store, is the greatest proof of one’s appreciation for somebody else. Justly because it really comes from you. Bravo, girls!

    With Love,


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