Tom Felton hints at Romance for Draco in Deathly Hallows?

While most of the main characters were dealing with romance issues in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, poor Draco was left alone. Well, in a recent BBC radio interview about Deathly Hallows, Tom Felton hints that Draco’s luck will change.

Tom: I don’t want to say too much. Let’s just say he didn’t get too much female attention in the last film

BBC: No, he didn’t.

Tom: Well, soon to be rectified.

The full interview, with Matt Lewis also talking about the major changes Neville goes through in the movie, may be found at Snitchseeker. Thank you.


Special thanks, also, to Clementine for the story!

43 thoughts on “Tom Felton hints at Romance for Draco in Deathly Hallows?

  1. Haha… because obviously he’s going to have loads of time for female interest while being scared .. err.. crapless at Malfoy Manor!

    And I just KNOW I’m going to criticise the girl playing opposite him lot’s … I apologise in advance :\

    • True, I loved as well Scarlett Byrnes leading her traits for Pansy. She was actually a most beautiful one than how her character is described into the books. After all, her name’s evocating a flower, she’d to be lovely to look at.

      It’s funny,for when I’m reading Thomas saying “Well, soon to be rectified”, regarding Draco’s lack of female attention in HBP, I’m being reminded of Swish & Flick’s song “Astoria Greengrass & The Pureblood Prince” that I’ve on my iPod. A good piece, in fact, hé, hé…

      With Love,


      • So very true on all accounts! One thing is that they described Parkinson as a pug in the books, but Scarlett is too pretty to be described as a pug. Where did you get the songs from?

        • I got the songs on iTunes.
          Swish & Flick is a Wizad Rock/Hip-hop/Rap Band. “Astoria Greengrass & The Pureblood Prince” can be found on their first album, “In The House of Slytherin”.

          The lead singer also sings the theme song for the leaky Con with Erin Pyne, The House Of Black.

          With Love,


  2. It’ll be Hermione grabbing his face between her hands and saying,”Can you feel the fire burning? Not it’s time to be a man. A great big muscle-y super big, super hot MAN.” lol.
    Actually.. maybe it’s just Astoria.

  3. I don’t know if I can handle them adding too much to the movie thats not in the book. I read online somewhere that they were going to completely add a scene where Harry & Ron are fighting some monster and the monster defends itself by showing Ron pictures/scenes in his head about Harry & Hermione naked…like I don’t remember where I read that but I hope it just isnt true 🙁 I don’t want them to go hog wild adding things that arent in the book =/ uuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhh.

    Maybe the girl will be jade on screen?? Hahaha and I hope if they do any romance for him that the girl is Astoria, or however you spell it since he ends up marrying her…

  4. its obviously gonna be astoria(?) i dont care about her name lol. damn that narrow-minded JK rowling and her epilogue of doom. D/G forever! <3 😀

    i wonder if they'll show a bit of draco's 'romance' in the films? most likely NO! 🙁

  5. I hate how conservative JKR is and the whole epilogue shit is just GRHHHH!!! I am a big believer in Harry/Draco — Fire in the Room of Requirement, for example, has a lot of potential 🙂 They are willing to introduce any non-existent character into the movie, like Astoria, just to reduce the popularity of Harry/Draco fantasy.

  6. Haha! As for me. Well, I’ll always love Draco/Hermione but it’ll NEVER happen. Boo! I just felt the potential of the love-hate/starcrossed/epic proportions love story, but heck sadly, JK wasn’t feeling it. Although, I must say that I completely adore JK. I just love Dramione as well. <3 peace!

  7. Oh no, not Pansy i hope, he deserves better than her.
    JK never says who he ends up with i think it said something like ‘Draco and his wife’ in DH so i doubt its Pansy.
    I’ll be up for playing his girlfriend anyday (;

    • You and every last one of us! LOL! Actually, JKR says his wife is Astoria Greengrass, Daphne’s younger sister.

      Best wishes Hon!

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