Tom Felton Inspires International Music Effort was founded because of Tom Felton’s music. As a result, we have many members inspired to play guitar or pursue other musical interests because of Tom, and we’re darned proud of that.

Last summer, several forum members decided to get together and start a musical collaboration, aptly named the “Feltbeats Addicts Band,” also known as FAB.

It started casually enough, but quickly grew. Their first effort, affectionately called “TTS”, short for the Twittering Tom Song, was released in September in honor of Tom Felton’s twenty-second birthday. But that was just the beginning. The group now has several songs completed, with more projects underway.

There are six band leaders: stormlite02 (moderator, auditions), snatalia (editor), irooloo (videographer, composer), amaren88 (artwork), shanajaca (lyrics), and krobertson24 (composer), who merge the tracks to put together the finished product.

Great job, ladies! I’m sure Tom will love to know that he inspired you. We look forward to the day when you might be able to create music together in real-time. For now, it’s wonderful how technology, and the inspiration of Tom Felton, can bring together a group from multiple countries and languages in a spirit of fun and goodwill.

Currently, the band has members in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Scotland, England, US, China and others.

The FAB website, with links to their songs, can be found at:

Join in the discussion and see what FAB is working on now at the FAB page on the Feltbeats Forum:

Interested in joining? Feltbeats Army Members can sign up to join this group at our forum:

11 thoughts on “Tom Felton Inspires International Music Effort

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    • I’m aware of US, Belgium, Brazil, and more. Thanks for pointing out that I didn’t specify that in the article. I’ll add a note.

      • The bandleaders are from six countries, I (Stormlite02) am from the USA, Shanajaca Belgium, Amaren88 Germany, Irooloo Greece, Krobertson24 Scotland, Snatalia England. We have menbers from all over the world, including China, Australia, Brazil and many more.

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