Photos & Videos: Tom Felton at Comic Film Manga Fest Rotterdam

Tom Felton was at the Comic, Film & Manga Fest Rotterdam last weekend.

Here are some photos of Tom during the panel and the unplugged session at the convention.

credit: officiall_l2lly –
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credit: Comic Film Manga Fest Rotterdam

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Panel on Saturday:

credit: Comic Film Manga Fest Rotterdam

Unplugged session on Sunday:

Thanks to The Wizardry Vlog, Elisa Reggiani & Andrea (meeting_point_slyterhin) for recording and uploading the videos.

Photoshoot by Tom Cornelissen:

Interview by Gaby Boterkooper for LINDA.meiden

Click >>> h e r e <<< for the full interview – it’s in Dutch!

credit: Gaby Boterkooper & Tom Cornelissen

Photos & Videos: Tom Felton at Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show by TGS

Tom Felton was at the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show by TGS on 16th & 17th March 2024.

Here are some photos of Tom during the panel and the unplugged session at the convention.

dredit: Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show by TGS

credit: lolo_the_magic_world2023, roster_con & fannyrlphotography

More pics by Roster Con here —> Tom Felton by Roster Con

credit: Boris Colletier / mulderville

Here are more photos by Boris Colletier : Saturday & Sunday

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credit: Paris Videostars

Panel on Saturday :

Thanks to Paris Videostars for recording and uploading the videos.

Showcase on Sunday:

Thanks to Mulderville USA for recording and uploading the videos.

Thanks to Adrien Ferreiro & châtaigne cactus for recording and uploading the videos.

Photos & Videos : Tom Felton at LeakyCon

Tom Felton was at LeakyCon in Chicago last weekend.

On Saturday Tom gave a little concert. Thanks to THarms for recording and uploading the videos.

At the convention he also met Chris Rankin aka Percy Weasley and Stanislaw Janewski aka Viktor Krum.

credit – Tom Felton
credit Stan Yanevski: Viktor Krum and Draco Malfoy reunited. We were sitting together in the Great Hall and had some of the best most fun times together. Who would have thought they’d get along this well
sourceStan Yanevski / credit – magicwandblonde and natalieisalion : During our photoshoot with Stand Yanevski, we got a little surprise guest when Tom Felton ran through the curtain and jumped in our photo.
credit –tortugaleah: I realize that I rarely post about work but this weekend’s LeakyCon was wonderful 💜 Congratulations to my amazing coworkers on a job well done and thank you to all of our guests who joined us! I did not have time to take any photos this weekend with my team but our amazing photo op team did grab this one for me.

Some other photos from Saturday:

credit: puzzlingpotter, yagirlarielm, pottershippodcast, kyliek5, emily_rose5000 & sav_hath

And some photos from Sunday:

credit: piperthedappledach, sav_hath, ginny.weant & chl0es_.spam

Videos from Sunday:

credit: chl0es_.spam

credit: sav_hath

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Tom Felton in Russ’ & Ed Sheeran’s new music video – out now

Do you remember our post in April where we reported that Tom will be in Ed Sheeran’s new music video? (click here)

The video is out now.

“Are You Entertained” is a project by Russ & Ed Sheeran in memory of Jamal Edwards (He passed away in February after a heart attack aged just 31.)

Russ on Instagram:
I’m so grateful for this moment. I walked up to Ed at a restaurant (Carbone) and assumed he didn’t know who I was. Just wanted to introduce myself and say what’s up. Next thing I know I’m eating pasta and drinking wine at his table talkin bout everything. Fast forward and we had this song and we wanted to shoot a video to it so he introduced me to Jamal Edwards, a brilliant visionary and special soul who wrote the treatment for the video. We went back and forth on ideas and we were all super excited. The day before we were supposed to fly out to London we got the tragic news that Jamal had passed away. I had never met Jamal other than those emails but I can tell he was a special person. The way Ed, Jamal’s mother Brenda, his sister Tanisha, the director Jake Nava, the producer Ali and everyone else who worked on this rallied together and still wanted to make Jamal’s vision come to life, showed the impact he had. All I wanted to do was make sure I did my part in facilitating making his exact treatment come to life. I’m just beyond grateful that all of y’all let me be apart of something so special. Special thank you to everyone who made this happen and thank you to Brenda Edwards for being such a warrior of love and light. RIP Jamal Edwards

Ed Sheeran on Instagram:
I was having dinner in New York in December when @russ came up to my table, I was a fan so we just sat and ate pasta and drink wine together. A few days later I sent him the rough idea for this song, the same day he emailed me back with it finished, which I loved. He said we should do a video, so I hit up @jamaledwards, knowing that he would create something incredible for us. Jamal then planned it out for the next couple of months, sending me locations, ideas, cameos, trying to make it the best video any of us could make. We were meant to shoot in February, but the day before Russ flew out, Jamal tragically died. Our whole world was upside down, and I had to cancel and just tell Russ it wasn’t happening, but he was so so understanding, to a level il never forget. Jamals mum @brendaedwardsglobal and sister @Tanisha.arts_ , a few weeks later said we should still try and make Jamals vision come to life, so with the help of his amazing production team at @radicalmedia_london and @jakenava directing, we shot it. I felt so sad on the day, but very proud. I wish Jam was here to see it, I wish we’d done it together, but he would be buzzing how all his people came together and brought his vision to life. Russ, thanks for being such an amazing human, and thank you to everyone who made this video happen. Jamal lives on forever. Are you entertained out now x

Russ also posted these pics with Tom over the past few days: