Want Tom Felton To Follow You… on Twitter?

Hey, guys, QUICK… Answer me this: Do you want Tom Felton to follow you on Twitter for a week?!

YOU DO, do you?

That’s what I thought. Well, January is your lucky month! All you have to do is follow Tom Felton’s instructions:

If you want me to follow you on twitter for a week, go to www.itsnojoke.tv to find out how!

Amazingly, but perhaps not at all surprisingly, the server crashed. However, it’s back now. But just in case it crashes again, AlcoholNoJoke has informed everyone to still try by commenting on their Facebook page:

You can still enter @Tomfelton comp by commenting on the wall at our fb group: http://tinyurl.com/ycyd7ea

All you need is a twitter, a Facebook account, and Spirit Fingers [okay, not the last one… maybe]. You have until January 31st! But don’t wait until the last minute. Go to the website – linked also to the banner below – and test your luck! Good news, since you only get one shot to win, you all have Beginner’s Luck! Now go on, young Grasshoppers… er, TwitterBirds.

Here are the contest’s Terms and Conditions.

And don’t forget to follow AlcoholNoJoke on Twitter! And check out the website: their message, regardless of the contest, is a very important one. We at Feltbeats support them.

Good Luck, Everyone!


39 thoughts on “Want Tom Felton To Follow You… on Twitter?

    • Okay, if you have a twitter and Facebook, all you need to do is follow the links that I have provided. Then what you do is leave a comment and your twitter name on the wall in Facebook, and you’ve entered the contest. Sorry if I was confusing. Go to the link and see the examples that other people have done!

      Did I clear it up… or are you still confused. If you are, do you have a specific question that I, or someone else, might try to answer?

  1. Sorry in advance but I wonder how many even gives a damn. From comments I’ve read they just want Tom to follow them. But for the ones who are sincere, thumbs up! It’s a good cause. I just hope Tom can mention Tahiti as well.

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