Feltbeats.com confirms Tom Felton to star in “Apparition”

Feltbeats.com can now confirm our previous post that Tom Felton that he has been cast in Dark Castle’s upcoming supernatural horror film, “Apparition.” As you are probably aware from Tom’s Twitter account, he went to Berlin a few days ago, and the reason is this film! Shooting will take place in Germany for the next few weeks and then will move to Los Angeles.

Tom is set to play “Patrick,” the third lead in the film.

According to IMDB, the film also stars:

Ashley Greene: (Alice in “Twilight”)
Julianna Guill: (Bree in “Friday the 13th”)
Sebastian Stan: (Carter in “Gossip Girl”)
Luke Pasqualino: (Freddie from “Skins”)

The film, directed by Todd Lincoln and based on his own screenplay, is “inspired by true events” and “centers on a young couple haunted by a supernatural presence that’s unleashed during a college experiment.”

38 thoughts on “Feltbeats.com confirms Tom Felton to star in “Apparition”

  1. The first word that jumped out at me when I read this on Twitter was “Twilight”. I almost freaked out thinking they were casting Tom in a Twilight movie. I think there would have been a disturbance in the force if that had happened though. Glad to hear it’s not that! lol
    Sounds pretty cool though. I’ll definitely have to see it.

    • Hum, hum. Me too, since it’s based on true events, according to the article. But what haunted event aren’t taking place, nowadays? Everything’s possible, for I didn’t know at all of this hauting occurence. Thanks.

      With Love,


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