Tom Felton to Star in Dark Castle’s “The Apparition”

According to the Shock Till You Drop website, Tom is set to play the role of “Patrick” in Todd Lincoln’s currently filming The Apparition.

Filming has begun on Dark Castle’s latest foray into the supernatural, The Apparition, with Todd Lincoln writing and directing.

Shock Till You Drop has had the finger on the pulse of casting news for this one and we can exclusively confirm that the Harry Potter franchise’s “Draco Malfoy,” Tom Felton, has joined the production as the third lead of the story. He’ll be playing “Patrick.”

Felton joins previously announced cast members Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Julianna Guill, Luke Pasqualino and Suzanne Ford. Little is known about the film’s story other than it concerns a couple haunted by a supernatural presence in the wake of a college experiment.

Apparition comes to you from producers Joel Silver, Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman (the latter two produced The Strangers).

As soon as a firm confirmation is made regarding Tom’s appearance in the film, we will let you know. Rumor has it (and Ashley Greene’s Twitter) the film is shooting in Berlin, and if you follow Tom’s tweets, you will know he landed there on Sunday.

So im in Berlin! never been before and from my first hour here i can say its beautiful! bloody freezing but beautiful none the less x

Stay tuned for more information. When we know, you’ll know!

14 thoughts on “Tom Felton to Star in Dark Castle’s “The Apparition”

  1. I know, I know!! And so far, Thomas’s enjoyed what he’s seen from Berlin, which is a positive note for our German neighbors.

    And as I can see, Thomas’s predilection for movies flirting with the Occult is being confirmed, just by reading out the movie’s résumé. But who’s not fascinated by ghostly apparitions and other poltergeist activities?

    With Love,


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