Summary of “Apparition” news and rumors – Updated with new info!

UPDATE: According to @Majnona243, who says she has actually read the script (and says it was “awesome!”), Tom’s character is not Ashley’s boyfriend, but rather “her boyfriend’s friend Patrick. He’s kind of this junkie for supernatural stuff. It’s a very nice role.”

When pressed, Majnona243 reveals a tiny bit more:, “I don’t wanna give away stuff but I can tell you he’s in many cool parts.. he is actually among few who are part of the “experiment.” It’s very cool and different from Draco’s character. You’re all gonna love it!”

Thanks Majnona243! Please keep us updated! =)

In light of all the media coverage Tom’s role in “Apparition” has garnered today, I’m turning this post into something of a summary of facts and articles! If anyone finds and more articles, or has any insider information to share (*nudges Felton*) please e-mail us! We’d love any rumor or bit of speculation!

So far, other than the summary initially provided (“inspired by true events” and “centers on a young couple haunted by a supernatural presence unleashed during a college experiment”), I’ve been able to gather the following new information:

  • Moviefone says Tom’s character is a “supernatural expert.”
  • says “Apparition” involves a haunted house.
  • MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog is saying many in the industry are comparing “Apparition” to “Paranormal Activity.”
  • MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog also speculates that Tom is playing Ashley Greene’s boyfriend in the film, while Sebastian Stan plays Ben, a post grad trying to figure out his life.
  • confirms some of MTV’s speculations and says Sebastian is playing “a post grad trying to figure out his life.”
  • On the contrary, Empire is reporting that “Felton will play a expert in the supernatural called Patrick who tries to help a couple who are haunted by a malevolent, ghostly presence unleashed by a college experiment.”
  • Here is a summary of articles we’ve found so far:

    • Tom Felton Joins The Apparition: Since he began working as Draco Malfoy on the Harry Potter series, we haven’t gotten many chances to see Tom Felton play anything other than the snide bullyboy wizard. But now, with Potter winding down, he’s free to pursue other roles – and he’s nabbed a co-starring part in horror thriller The Apparition.
    • Harry Potter Star Tom Felton to Wave His Wand at The Apparition: Finally one of the stars of one of the most successful book and film franchises in recent history is going to be allowed to deal with a different type of supernatural force!
    • ‘Harry Potter’ Star Tom Felton Joins Ashley Greene In ‘The Apparition’: It’s like a little coming together party of actors and actresses from the biggest teen hits nowadays: first “Twilight’s” Ashley Greene, then “Gossip Girl’s” Sebastian Stan and now “Harry Potter’s” Tom Felton have all signed on to star in the supernatural thriller, “The Apparition.”
    • ‘Harry Potter’ Star Tom Felton Joins ‘The Apparition’: According to Variety, ‘Harry Potter’ villain Tom Felton has been cast in the upcoming chiller-thriller ‘The Apparition,’ from newbie director Todd Lincoln. Felton will play a supernatural expert in the film, about a young college couple whose class experiment unleashes a supernatural presence. The pic — which was reportedly inspired by real-life events — began filming last week in Berlin and will move to Los Angeles some time in March.
    • Tom Felton to haunt ‘Apparition”: Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” fims, is heading for a haunting opposite “Twilight” thesp Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan in “The Apparition” for Joel Silver’s Dark Castle genre label.
    • Harry Potter Star Joins The Apparition: has learned that Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” franchise, has joined the writer/director Todd Lincoln’s The Apparition at Dark Castle.
    • The Apparition Pulls in Potter Bully: Filming has begun on Dark Castle’s latest foray into the supernatural, The Apparition, with Todd Lincoln writing and directing. Shock Till You Drop has had the finger on the pulse of casting news for this one and we can exclusively confirm that the Harry Potter franchise’s “Draco Malfoy,” Tom Felton, has joined the production as the third lead of the story. He’ll be playing “Patrick.”

    See any other coverage of this big event? If so, e-mail us and we’d love to include it here!

17 thoughts on “Summary of “Apparition” news and rumors – Updated with new info!

  1. I can’t wait to see it. Tom’s character’s name is the male version of my name. HEHEHE!!! Patricia = Patrick
    Totally awesome!!! ^_^ xoxo

  2. Junkie for supernatural stuff *lol*

    I love this definition of Thomas’s character’s interest for the Occult! I’ve no doubt it’ll give a cooler, nicer and different perspective from Draco’s. And I’m sure also Thomas’s taking pleasure in being Patrick, this passionate by the Other Side. I never knew Thomas was into this stuff at this point, until now…

    This made my day!

    With Love,


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