Exclusive clip of Tom Felton in “13 Hrs” Now Online!

An exclusive clip from Tom’s film 13 hrs has been released online by Eyeline Entertainment. Please be advised for strong language and spoilers for the movie. Well, I’ve been told that (I’m at work and can’t listen!)

If the video doesn’t show for you, you can watch it here at this link.

Thanks to Bserlori for the heads up!

26 thoughts on “Exclusive clip of Tom Felton in “13 Hrs” Now Online!

    • Yep! Feels kind of strange hearing out Thomas speaking up like that! Doesn’t suit him at all! *lol*

      However, his character’s intervention recalled me ones done by fellow americans students during my studies, and often, they were ending up all by a good laugh! *wink*

      With Love,


  1. holy damn. o.o that was awesome! xD i’s funny to watch tom curse like that. i remember cracking up when he was CAJ. this is gonna be sweet! >.<

  2. OMG! It is such a huge change from Draco to this character. I kinda think of him as more confident, and we get to see more of his brilliang smile! I can not wait for this movie, I have high hopes for this one!

  3. OH MY GODDDD i laughed SO hard when he was saying…that stuff haha i never thought id hear that come out of his mouth! hahahahahha can’t wait to see this movie…based on that i will probably be laughing througout the entire thing instead of being scared XD

  4. Whoa o.O that was FUNNY!!! i never would have thought i would see the day Tom would say something about a girl’s boobs lol guess that proved me wrong, even if he is in character xP

  5. tehehehehehehehe i love tom so muchh hahaha i just about laughed my arse off seeing tom like this very different character hahaha love you tom!! 🙂

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