Tom Felton talks about Valentine’s Day and Two-Year Anniversary plans

Tom Felton talks with about his Valentine’s Day and Two-Year Anniversary plans with girlfriend Jade

Congratulations to Tom Felton and his girlfriend, Jade Olivia, who celebrated their two year anniversary Wednesday! When we got a chance to talk to Tom while he was shooting his new film “The Apparition” in Berlin, he admitted that the two years has passed very quickly.

“I can’t believe how quickly this time has flown,” he said with a laugh.

Having an anniversary and Valentine’s Day in such close proximity to one another may seem like more of a problem than a gift, but with Tom filming far away from her for the next few weeks, it is working out in their benefit. Tom said he had planned a romantic trip for the both of them to Vienna to celebrate the holiday of love, but has had to postpone it because he has been filming.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there may be a chance that Jade might be able to come out for the weekend so we can spend Valentine’s Day together and try to make the most of our two year anniversary,” he said.

Tom kept quiet on what exactly he was thinking his plans would be (though we wouldn’t ruin the surprise even if he told us!), but according to his description of his own romanticism, we’re sure it will be something adorable and special.

Apparently Tom — unlike his character “Harry Potter” Draco Malfoy — is a sucker for romantic situations as much as the rest of us … or maybe even more so.

“I’d love to say I play it cool, but I am a young Casanova, my friend,” Tom admitted with a laugh. “I can’t help myself! What can you say? When you’re young and in love, what else can you do?”

And what exactly are his go-to gifts for Valentine’s Day?

“I’m a big fan of the two dozen roses and the kind of cheesy card to go with it,” he dished. “I can’t help myself.”

28 thoughts on “Tom Felton talks about Valentine’s Day and Two-Year Anniversary plans

  1. oh, tom. 🙂 you sound just like my boyfriend– except i told him i didnt want roses and i wanted lilies instead. xD

    but a romantic vacation! how envious!

  2. Thomas, I agree, time goes by very quickly. It always does.

    I actually have been to Vienna a few years ago, and had enjoyed it very much. I had visited downtown Vienna and Schonbrunn Palace and gardens. I’ve kept very sweet memories of it ever since.

    Yes, I’ve noticed already, you can’t help yourself, when it comes to express your feelings, but it never came to my mind to associate you with Casanova! *lol*

    Good Luck for your two-anniversay trip, Dearest. Fingers crossed.

    With Love,


  3. Oh no no Tom… Mi boyfriend is like you, and mooore!

    I don’t envy Jade at all, I am much beatifull than her, I am latin, please.

    Last year, give me a day in a spa, and when I return to my home had a big sign across the street dedicated to my, then we went out to dinner, and then… well, I can not say jajaj.

  4. AAAAW! I totally envy Jade! I wish Tom were mine… even for a week, okay fine, a day! He is such a cutie and a romantic! (Dear Jade, can I have your boyfriend? Love, Regina) LOL!

  5. Tom’s constant gushing about Jade is kind of annoying. When he does stuff like this, he does not strike me as a mature adult, but rather an overgrown teenager that does not know how to keep his personal and professional life separate.

    I respect his fans and his relationship, but hope to see him mature to a point where he doesn’t appear to be so needy. As for my opinion on Jade, I can only say that in the pictures of her online, her appearance is average at best, with severely pinched features and almost haughty expressions. If he really values their relationship, I find it foolish that he goes on and on redundantly about her to make a statement.

    It’s great that he has a girlfriend but I find it very stupid that everyone is so abusive to people trying to voice their opinion about the couple. If they weren’t aware or even expectant of the attention, I’m pretty sure they would have kept their relationship private and simply a lovely romance between the two. Very overdone in my opinion.

    • So very true! Not only the whole thing is very teenagery, it is also clearly geared by Jade towards maximum publicity. I also think she is nothing special but not because she looks ordinary. She IS ordinary and Tom, who is much more talented on every front, is her only claim to fame. Now, I also agree with Astoria. Emma’s boyfriend is a much more accomplished individual, he has a life and does not need to be photographed with Emma at every turn.

  6. Madison.. you’re right!!

    Emma has a Boyfriend to, and nevet talk about him, is very privet. is annoying to see him always with her, all are together, and he is with her, I feel like something out of place

    And yes… she is very arrogant and seems cold… but I am Latin, we are fire jaja, and we are more expressive, I don’t know… Tom does best partner wgit Daniel jajaja.

    • Just because someone has a different opinion than yours, that does not mean that they’re jealous of the thing/person/whatever you’re supporting. It’s called ”having an opinion”. And it would probably be good for you to stop obsessing over this gal, who is practically no one.

  7. Jealousy? Lol. For me, respect does not equal admiration or even like. I like keeping up to date with the Harry Potter cast but am personally not a fan of Tom Felton. Not to be mean, but his appearance and performance in the movies and in public premieres, etc. is pretty cringe worthy. Accusing or even implying that everyone is jealous because you can’t get it past your head that people can think differently is juvenile. If my boyfriend felt that it was necessary to talk about me so often to such a large circulation, I would be pretty uneasy, not flattered. He’s like a lovesick puppy! 🙂

    • I love your attitude! I recently downloaded Tom’s songs and I was unfortunately disappointed by most of them 🙁 They are clearly about his infatuation with Jade and they come across as so cheesy and cliche 🙁 I loved “Father of Mine” — it has a wonderful melody, genuine emotion and it is not about Jade.

  8. I never celebrate Valentine plus, I just divorced from my husband before Valentine’s Day.

    So, completely no Valentine’s Day.

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