Wanna See Tom Felton’s “Apparition” Hair Color?

Yesterday on twitter, Tom Felton commented on the amount of McDonalds he’s eaten in the past week in Germany, so much so that he was dubbed “McFelton” by some of his Twitter followers.

I understand the nature of people with big cameras but filming me eat my McDonalds, really!!? Who on earth wants to see that!? lol

Plus I told Jade I was eating healthy! Now I’ve been photographed with a McNugget in hand, the game is up! Sorry, babes lol : ) xxx

To be fair 5 McDonalds in 6 days is pushing the boat out a bit; I do need to eat something other than fast food. Laziness wins everytime!

@jujucopyright McFelton! love it!

Now, just uploaded by Youtube’s Purbloodprincede, is a video of Tom Felton signing autographs outside a McDonald’s in Berlin, Germany. You can see that his hair is not blond anymore! Thank you, Purbloodprincede.

You can watch the video here.

71 thoughts on “Wanna See Tom Felton’s “Apparition” Hair Color?

  1. Awww bless. I bet he thought being brown again (tho still not close to his natural colour) he wouldn’t stand out so much. Seems it hasn’t worked. lol

  2. LOL! At first, I thought it was Dan! With the hair color, I thought I saw some resemblance to Dan. I honestly don’t think he ran away from his fans, but the camera guy who caught him red-handed at Mickey D’s. He doesn’t seem like the type to run away from the fans, he is just too sweet and nice to do that.

  3. I feel like a stalker watching this when he obviously was not comfortable at that moment. The new hair color is “lint” which is a haircolor not seen in nature, but really shines on stage or film. It’s still going to make him a beacon when we see him next to other characters in the new movie.

  4. Awww, poor guy! Berlin is full of press people and movie fans at the moment because of the Berlinale festival.

    And I really like his hair colour! πŸ™‚

  5. WOW poor guy !! poor Tom cant even shit now with out someone being right there!!! Come hang out in Goderich ont !! everyone in this town is over 50 , they are to old to even care who you are !!

  6. Has anyone else considered how awful it is that he can’t just go for a quick bite to eat without being hounded for autographs by people who are obviously stalking him for them? I mean, they were holding folders with his picture in them, so it’s clearly not like they just ran across him on the street, you know?

  7. lol Was it planned or did all those people just happen to have huge pictures of him on their person?
    Anyway, hair color. It’s weird. o.o I’m so used to him being blonde. Cute though.

  8. Could you please remove the video? I don’t want it to be directly on your website.
    You can link to it although.
    I am the one who filmed it.

  9. WOW! That’s more like it! Brown suits Thomas better (it certainly must be his natural hair color to begin with), Draco’s gone away to let him shine through.

    I think he had a lot of patience with all these Fans, as usual. However, I didn’t like very much hearing them laughing at him as he made it for a run. It’s kind of direspectful towards the person who has taken a few minutes of her time to sign you an autograph. And persons like Thomas aren’t legion at Hollywood, believe me.

    With Love,


  10. Oh, i support other comments – brown Tom is much better than blond Tom )))
    as for fans.. he should really have huge patience to bear all this attention.. he looked so so tired.. but still smiled )))

  11. i love this colour! but gahh i dont like those people…as easy going as tom is…he did not look like he wanted to be there (although he was still really nice about it)and if i was there asking for an autograph after he said “i just wanted to get some food” i woulda backed off and like punched all the other people in the face! like jeez…he needs his space…and laughing when he runs away? uhh he said he really needed to go…*sigh* some people…

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