Introducing The McFelton Meal! It’s McD’s done Tom Felton style

Everyone who following Tom Felton on Twitter knows that the only thing he loves more than McDonald’s is pancakes! In fact, some on Twitter (started by @jujucopyright) have even called for a #McFelton trending topic!

Now, thanks to @ChesterMike91, we now have this illustration of what the McFelton Meal would actually look like! Pancakes on a bun! YUM!

If you want to help make McFelton a trending topic on Twitter, please RT the following:

RT @feltbeats: Introducing the #McFelton Meal – It’s McD’s done @TomFelton style! Please RT!

Thanks everyone!

112 thoughts on “Introducing The McFelton Meal! It’s McD’s done Tom Felton style

  1. OMG. I would never be able to eat that burger/pancake monster. LOL You know what it should’ve been next to the McFelton, instead of the TM it should’ve been a TF. That would’ve been more amusing, I think. Hehehe.

  2. 4 pancakes between 2 huge buns, large fries and a large drink!
    That’s like breakfast and lunch in 1! If some1 really eats that they’re not human.

    Like the pic on the cup though! 🙂

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