New photos of Tom Felton signing autographs in Berlin, Germany

Thanks to, we now have these lovely new photos of Tom Felton signing autographs for fans in Berlin, Germany. You’ll notice of course his hair is brown for his new role as ghost-expert Patrick in “The Apparition.”

Dan Radcliffe previously stated that Tom Felton always attracts so much attention because of the white-blond hair he sported for his role playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise. Now that Tom’s hair is a mousey brown, I wonder what is attracting all this media buzz? =)

38 thoughts on “New photos of Tom Felton signing autographs in Berlin, Germany

    • Hum, hum…

      As I was confessing to a family member yesterday, it feels kind of weird and at the same time of a relief, seeing Thomas’s features being more smoothered up and his inner beauty emphasized likewise by this well-chosen shade of brown, in contrast to Draco’s icy blond beauty he had to sport for so many years.

      With Love,


  1. personally I find it very charming. I won’t be surprised if he decides to keep this shade though it’ll be hard for people to get over his blonde hair.

    He kinda reminded me of a young James McAvoy in that video of his I saw in YouTube.

  2. I think white hair was better, he looks so old now.
    no, it’d be better if he had highlights. No, he would look like a gay.. No matter. Even if he was bold I’d love him as much as now. 🙂

  3. I think he looks a bit like Robert Pattinson! :O I was like: is he haningin out with Rob? This is a picture of Rob…where’s Tom? And then I realized that “Rob” was actually Tom! xD But yeah, I like the brown hair too. Besides, the bleachin wasn’t really healthy for his hair. 🙁

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  5. Am I the only one who doesnt like it.. 🙁
    He’s looks too old now
    at least when he was blonde i could believe he was 18 and be like “yeah he’s only like 1 year older than me..”

    now he looks like 26…

    MAYBE its cause he’s still Draco-pale, maybe if he got some sun on him i’d like it more…
    He still rocks my socks (Y)

  6. I want a Tom’s autography, too!
    I think brown hair is more suit Tom than white-blond.but,I have to say”white-blond’Tom is incredible handsome:)

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