Is that Tom Felton…in a Commercial?

Wow, we have some very astute fans! Halsangel_1 was watching the Olympics and caught an ad with a fellow who looks suspiciously like Tom Felton and posted it toTomFeltonDaily’s livejournal page!

Take a look and see if you agree.

If it’s not Tom, it certainly looks like he’s popular enough for ad agencies to want to capitalize on his likeness, because that sweater vest sure looks very much like the Hogwarts sweater he wore in Half-Blood Prince!

The ad was for Suave beauty products. If you find more info or pics of the entire ad anywhere online, do let us know!

Source: Tomfeltondaily

26 thoughts on “Is that Tom Felton…in a Commercial?

  1. No, that’s actually Tom McFly. Looking malfoy-like because this was done on their exchange day.
    (why he’s wearing glasses, I don’t know though) lol

    • Thanks so much! Wow, they really do look a lot alike! The uber-blond hair and sweater really give it a Malfoy impression tho. Greatly appreciate the information!

    • If that’s Tom Fletcher (Mcfly), well he wears glasses sometimes, which is seen in some pictures. So I guess that would explain the glasses, if that’s not really Tom Felton. No idea about anything else though.

  2. My Gosh!

    It feels so weird seeing Thomas’s likeness as Draco used for a commercial, I swear! Especially for a beauty product one, if you see what I mean. Slytherins are certainly concerned about their appearance, at least on the outside.

    Unless it is a blink of the eye to Thomas’s quite extensive knowledge he’s got now on beauty products, that he had referred to in a interview shortly before Christmas, last year…*lol*

    With Love,


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