Feltbeats.com’s, Wizarding World Of Harry Potter T-shirt Contest

Since there are quite a few people planning on going to the opening of The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, we need a new t-shirt for the FA to wear to represent Feltbeats.com. Since it is Harry Potter related, we want to have a Feltbeats crest made. The only requirements are that it must have the FA logo, and a castle representing Hogwarts. Beyond that, have fun. I want to encourage not just those who are attending to participate, but all FA members so I am offering a prize for the winner. They will recieve a t-shirt with their design for free Grin The deadline for this will be March 15th, and all designs will be posted for voting. A winner will be announced on March 20th. Good luck to all!

Please email all submissions to bserlori@yahoo.com

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