A look back at Tom Felton’s journey to a quarter of a million Twitter followers

It was almost a year ago when Feltbeats.com first announced that Tom Felton had joined Twitter, and Tom posted his first Tweet ever:

TomFelton: writing songs in my pyjamas!

Since then, we’ve all watched as he hit 50,000 followers only a month after signing up, and 200,000 followers last October.

His meteoric rise to Twitterfame has also been marked by many awards, achievements and special moments, such as when he won the Mashable.com award for “Best Actor/Actress to Follow on Twitter,” when he was ranked #86 on the “Most Influential” list of celebrity Twitterers, when Tom tweeted to the whole LeakyCon2009 convention, when self.com asked Tom our Twitter questions during their interview, when Tom was voted Best Harry Potter Twitterer in the 2009 “Leaky” awards (with 53% of the vote!), or when we teamed up with Tom Fletcher fans to get both Toms in the top three of the Mr. Twitter Universe competition.

To commemorate the event, Feltbeats Admin @bserlori (and resident cake decorator) has made Tom this nice congratulatory design. Very sweet, Lori! (And by sweet, I mean that literally; I’m getting a sugar high from just looking at the picture!)

Thanks Lori, and congratulations Tom – from all of your fans!

What are your favorite moments on Tom’s Twitter? Post in the comments and let us know!

14 thoughts on “A look back at Tom Felton’s journey to a quarter of a million Twitter followers

  1. One of my favorite moments was when Tom tweeted just a ‘g’ (clearly it was an accident). And then I tweeted a ‘g’ on the @feltbeats account (because it was clearly the “cool” thing to do – haha!), and it made everyone wonder what was going on. LOL!

  2. Tehehe…you wouldn’t think this would make us all so happy – but it does. =)
    My favorites moments? Hmmm..

    Well, #McFelton for one thing.
    However, my personal favorite has to be just a few days ago:
    –“Got pulled over this morning by 2 armed police men outside the US embassy.I was terrified! They asked for autographs for their kids lol x”
    –“They asked me to step aside with them and I started babbling out excuses.”I didn’t….it’s wasn’t me…” they laughed x”

    Made me laugh too. =)

  3. When Tom tweeted everyone at LeakyCon 2009 and they had the roomful of LeakyCon attendees all tweet Tom back. It felt like he was part of the conference.

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  5. Congratulations, Thomas!

    My favorite moments are the ones when you’re participating to Charity events, for instance; and also having unexpected and funny others, like the story with the two Police men yesterday morning.

    With Love,


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