Bravo asks: Which hair color suits Tom Felton best?

Thanks to TomFeltonEU, we have this new poll from German BRAVO! They ask: Which hair color of Tom Felton do you like most – brown or blonde?

As of the writing of this article, users were voting for Malfoy-blonde at a ratio of 2 to 1!

Do you agree? Go ahead and post your vote at Bravo, and then tell us which way you voted, and why, in the comments below! =)

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33 thoughts on “Bravo asks: Which hair color suits Tom Felton best?

  1. Oh, I like the more natural brown, although I think his “really real” color is actually darker. He is very pale, but the brown makes him look more natural and his eyes bluer.

  2. I think it depends on the style and cut. Longer hair–definitely brown, shorter hair like it is then blonde. But either way he still looks great!

  3. I’m leaning toward the blond hair :)) its unique, charismatic (? Can hair be described this way? Haha ) and not to mention SEXY :)) hmm. You know I never realised that he had brown eye brows. Haha. But I still think blonde and short does it for me. Haha.

  4. I like his real color.

    I wonder why not all people know about his visit to Indonesia.

    We married when he was still 19 years old and I was 22.

    I met him when he was blonde. I like it.

    But I felt whirl if his hairs were black. That made him almost look like my first husband.

    Blonde is my favorite.

  5. I think blonde 🙂 xx tom felton really suits blonde and he looks adorable! i really like brown too as its nice and natural but i love it blonde xx

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