Ashley Greene talks Tom Felton being big in Europe with MTV

It seems as if MTV likes to talk about Tom as much as we do, and in the latest interview from their Hollywood Crush, they talk with Ashley Greene, Tom’s co-star in his currently-on-hiatus-filming-until-he-crosses-the-pond film The Apparition. Listen as she talks about little they each know about the others fan-universe, and how while she is a relative unknown in Europe, Tom “can’t step out his front door.”

MTV News caught up with Ashley when she was promoting her film “Skateland” at SXSW, and she admitted that she and Tom are both well aware of the fan baggage they are bringing to their new film, though she said neither have actually watched the others’ films.

“We’re both not very familiar with each others’ films,” Ashley said. “We of course know what they are, but I was never a huge ‘Harry Potter’ watcher and I don’t think he’s watched ‘Twilight.’ We’re both very aware of the effect that they’ve had and how crazy it is.”

She said what they found easier to compare was how they as actors are received in the corners of the globe where their films are most popular.

“We did compare the difference between how big ‘Harry Potter’ is in the UK versus how big ‘Twilight’ is in the UK and LA and the difference between those two,” Ashley explained, “because he can actually walk around in LA whereas I can’t, and it’s flipped anywhere in the Europe. I can walk around and nobody cares who I am, but he can’t step out his front door.”

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  1. Yes, I think the fact of not being cared of either side of the globe certainly has to do with the discretion matter, as well as the way one can be dressing up. I’ve noticed than most of favorites actors were doing just fine because of that. The more normal one dresses up and keep quiet, the better!

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