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Last week, when had the opportunity to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter we were given the privilege of sampling some of the treats to be served in The Hogs Head, and Three Broomsticks, when they open on June 18th.

The first item we were given to sample was perhaps the most iconic treat from the series. One that many (including Tom) have expressed their interest in trying. Butterbeer! It was fantastic! It’s gold in color and has quite a large head of foam on top that gets larger as you drink. It is served in a plastic tankard with a Butterbeer emblem on the side that you return to the bar, but there will be a collectors version for purchase. Being that we were in Florida, they have also made a frozen version that was truely a delight. To me, both versions tasted like a cross between butterscotch and cream. Quite delicious!

The other drink we were invited to try will also be quite recognizable. Pumpkin juice. Served over ice, it reminded me of the holidays from the first sip. A distinct pumpkin flavor with hints of cinnamon, and apple. Pumpkin juice will be bottled and available for purchase.

The final signature drink ( we were unable to try) is the Hogs Head Brew which is the Hogs Heads very own beer and only available at Universal Orlando. That will also be served in it’s very own tankard, with a Hog’s Head on the side. There will also be a variety of domestic beers for purchase.

We were introduced to Universal Orlando’s Executive Chef Steve Jayson, who gave us an overview of what to expect, including a description of the childrens menu where no meal will be above 300 calories. There will also be vegetarian options available as well. Each meal served in the Three Broomsticks is said to have a distinct British feel and have a nice nutritional balance.

Now, on to the food!

We started out with a large bowl of salad to share before the main courses started to appear. Your normal garden salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, croutons, and dressing.

This was followed by what they call “The Great Feast”. It is said to feed a family of four but could easily feed a few more. It consists of 4 pieces of roast chicken, 4 slabs of bbq ribs, 4 ears of corn, season potatoes, and seasoned mixed vegetables. Delicious!

Next were the Fish and Chips. Battered fish that just melted in your mouth and was delectable and seasoned potatoes, or “chips”

The Sheperds Pie which came in it’s own individual container and was ground beef, vegetables, mashed potatoes and baked till golden brown on top. Definitely comfort food.

Last were the Cornish Pasties which were very similar to the shepards pie in ingredients, but wrapped in a pastry shell. They were bite size and would make a good option if eating light.

Just when we felt we couldn’t eat another bite, out comes dessert!

Any way I describe them could not possibly do them justice.  The presentation was almost as magnificent as the taste.

The Cauldron Cakes, reminded me of the lava cakes you can get in other restaurants but so much better! They are individual in size, and shaped like a cauldron complete with chocolate handle, and ooze chocolate when you cut into them. Yummy!

There was Strawberry Peanut Butter Ice Cream that tastes fantastice. Strawberry ice cream with bits of peanut butter inside. It will definitely be a treat on a hot Florida day.

Hagrids Rock Cakes have been reproduced as a cookie, however your teeth will be intact after eating Universal Orlando’s version.

There was also, Treacle Tart, an Apple Tart, and Pumpkin Pie which is to represent the Pumpkin Pasties from the stories. There was also a small version of a trifle that had chocolate, raspberries and strawberries that was amazing!

It was incredible how close to the stories they were when recreating the offering to be made available. Die hard fans will not be dissapointed! Be sure to come with an empty stomach, for you will want to try everything!

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