Tom Felton in the latest German BRAVO

In the issue 16/2010 of the German BRAVO magazine is in a “love check” the question :

Is he/she only a friend or more?

Here is the answer for Tom and Jade:

They were just good friends, then suddenly at the film set, the famous “click” came by:
now the “Harry Potter”-star Tom Felton (22) and Jade Olivia Gordon (22) are lovers for over 2 years.

Thanks to Sabkay for the scan.

17 thoughts on “Tom Felton in the latest German BRAVO

  1. To actually know than Jade has been a good friend of Thomas before becoming his lover, couldn’t probably have been a better start for them both. A ftiendship which evolved into a love story…That’s so sweet, pure and real. Can only approve to this.

    With Love,


  2. The Article says “…the Harry Potter Stars”..not “the Harry Potter Star Tom Felton…” I think, they believe Jade is a actor as well oO

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