Matt Lewis: “Tom Felton is a terribly good-looking chap”

Thanks to our friends at Snitchseeker, we now have this great interview with Matt Lewis, who plays Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter franchise.

In the interview, Matt talks extensively about Twitter, and discusses Tom Felton:

SnitchSeeker: Have you mentioned it to any of your co-stars and what are their opinions on [Twitter]?

Matt: Tom Felton was on it long before I was. He’s got a massive, massive following – ‘cause of his music stuff as well. And he’s a terribly good looking chap, so he’s got a big following on there. And he is funny – I like some of the stuff he comes out with – and always has good pictures. So I’ve chatted with Tom about it. I know James and Oliver Phelps are on there now, too. It’s a weird thing ‘cause we communicate on there and say, ‘Oh what are up to? Blah, blah, blah’ and then we never talk about it at work. It just never comes up. So It’s a really weird seperate thing. But yeah, there’s a couple of us on there.

Watch the Twitter portion of the interview here:

There is much, much more – so check it out on Snitchseeker!

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10 thoughts on “Matt Lewis: “Tom Felton is a terribly good-looking chap”

  1. @feltbeats @mattdavelewis is a very good looking chap too 🙂 takes one to know one and all that 😉

  2. Besides his music and his looks, what I justly love best about Thomas, is whatever he’s coming out with, it’s always done good-humouredly. And it’s true as well than his pictures have gained in excellency and quality, since the first day he’s been on Twitter.

    The fact they never talk about it at work witnesses that they know how to keep separate from what’s going on, and not interfere with what has to be done on the set.

    With Love,


  3. Matt Lewis looks so shy.
    And i think Tom is shy a lil bit too.

    They both so awkward. 🙂

    I like that they using twitter. It take me closer to them. All Harry Potter members are a big part of my life. Love everything & everyone ’bout it.

    Thanks for posting the interview.

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