Tom Felton and Tom Fletcher collude on Twitter

Just in case you missed it, we want to make sure everyone is aware of the mischievous plot underway between Tom Felton and McFly bandmember Tom Fletcher.

It seems Tom Fletcher was reading Heat magazine and saw that they offer 200 quid for sending in a picture of a celebrity to their “Spotted” column. And then he started thinking…

tommcfly: Is there a rule to stop me sending in a picture of myself to heat coz I could make 200 quid every week. @Tommcfly spotted spotting himself.

TomFelton: @tommcfly thats exactly what i thought!

tommcfly: @TomFelton we could start a little business on the side. I’ll spot you, you spot me. We’ll be rich, filthy rich!

TomFelton: @tommcfly sounds like a plan! be on the lookout …

tommcfly: @TomFelton …i see you…

tommcfly: @TomFelton just kidding…that’d be creepy though

tommcfly: This morning I seriously thought the world was about to end. Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Justin Beiber wasn’t a TT! Madness!!

TomFelton: tommcfly ok its getting creepy i feel…back to volcanoes and beiber

tommcfly: I just saw something in my garden…looked suspiciously similar to @TomFelton…put that camera down!

TomFelton: tommcfly ill come back later. If you could be wearing women’s clothing and playing your guitar by your bedroom window that would be great! x

You can see their whole conversation here on Thanks guys, you gave us all some laughs. =)

9 thoughts on “Tom Felton and Tom Fletcher collude on Twitter

  1. This is just *SO* good!!*lol*
    A real mischief Slytherins wouldn’t have denied to come up with! “Tel est pris qui croyait prendre”, as we say in French *wink*.

    It’s true than the press nowadays would do anything to get a picture of celebrities, even involving readers into the hunt…

    Good response, Guys.

    With Love,


  2. Bwahahaha! OMG – hopped online for just a few minutes and this was what I caught. Freakin *hilarious*. Thanks Tom(s) for making my day!

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