Another video to the support “The Robin Hood Tax” with Tom Felton

Thanks to ThisIsStreetArt we now have a new video of the support with Tom Felton and Bill Nighy.

MuTATE BRITAIN  also support The Robin Hood Tax Campaign and they were present at the Robin Hood Tax Campaign Launch from last week. They write on their website:

Bill Nighy, Tom Felton and some other aspiring celebs came to Cordy House to see the work of Dr D, Wreckage, Teddy Baden, Peter Dunne, Carrie Reichardt, War Boutique, Dotmasters, David Walker and kennardphillipps. So I thought it would be a shame not to film it. Here are the results for your ocular pleasurement:


2 thoughts on “Another video to the support “The Robin Hood Tax” with Tom Felton

  1. WOW! Some artists are really, really good at Street Art when it comes to support great cause! These guys did a good job, with a lot of imagination.

    There couldn’t be better speechs than Thomas and Bill Nighy’s to stck to it and hit the message home. The were both very convincing, especially Thomas. Fo him, it’s no joke!

    With Love,


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