Happy Birthday, Jade!

Today Tom’s girlfriend Jade celebrates her 23rd birthday, and we at Feltbeats.com would like to give her a HUGE “Happy Birthday!”

Over the years, we’ve celebrated many birthdays related to Tom here: Including our own (we are almost two, awww), Tom’s dog Timber’s (Two years old, Three years old), and of course, a few for Tom himself (21st birthday, 22nd birthday). And this is our second birthday celebration for Jade! Amazing how time flies, isn’t it?

Jade, we hope you have a lovely birthday!

30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jade!

  1. Happy Birthday Jade!
    Congratulations and many hugs!
    Hope you have a nice day!
    From the “still snow covered Sweden” ^^

  2. Happy Birthday Jade!Hope you had a great, awesome day and got lots of lovely presents! 🙂

    Best wishes, love, hugs
    Rebecca c xxx

    • I’m rather thinking it was certainly for this past weekend (Thomas can’t help himself, remember?), and even a double date with a friend of his was mentioned a few days before…

      With Love,


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