Tom Felton’s upcoming WWII film, “Grace and Danger,” releases first storyboards

Thanks to TeamFelton and the “HeyUGuys” website, we now have the first storyboards from the WWII film starring Tom Felton, “Grace and Danger.”

Tom is set to play Carnaby, an American soldier who is described as a gentleman. In the movie, Carnaby and his fellow soldiers rescue a young woman named Élodie from a village massacre and plan to escort her back to safety. But during the perilous journey, the other soldiers seem to become quite “interested” in the girl, and Carnaby steps in to aid her.

The storyboards were provided to HeyUGuys by Rhys Hayward, who has written the screenplay and will also be directing the film. The storyboards were drawn by Tony Chance who was responsible for storyboarding “American Beauty” and more recently “Moby Dick.”

It’s possible these storyboards visually describe a scene we’ve read about before. What do you think?

Also, the director has uploaded to the Facebook Fan page some additional photos taken during the filming of the development trailer, which was filmed last year to build interest in the film. Though they don’t include the real actors, they give you an idea of the professionalism and atmosphere of the planned film.

5 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s upcoming WWII film, “Grace and Danger,” releases first storyboards

  1. I HATE war films. But I will go see this one because of him. Hypocritical of me? You betcha. Am I sorry? Naaah. 😉

  2. I am hugh follower of all things WWII. Seeing Tom do a movie like this gives me a whole new level of respect for the guy. I can not wait until it comes out.

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