Tom Felton featured in Nylon magazine’s “New Hollywood” edition

With a really big, huge thanks to our friends at, we now have a scan of Tom’s feature in Nylon magazine, including a new photo and a nice interview. Tom was one of several actors selected by Nylon magazine for their “Young Hollywood” feature.

In the interview, Tom discusses his hair color (and glasses!) while filming his new movie, “Apparition,” his fame, and the impact that Harry Potter and specifically JK Rowling have had on his life.

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Age: 22
Surrey, England

The thing about being a bad, bad man on film is that people tend to believe you’re a bad, bad man in real life. But Tom Felton isn’t anything like Harry Potter’s nemesis, Draco Malfoy – something he’s hoping his next movie, The Apparition, will prove.

If you change my hair color and pull glasses on me, I don’t even recognize myself. The first three days after I arrived in Berlin for Apparition (with Ashley Greene and Sebestian Stan), I had the blond Draco Malfoy hair, and I kept getting asked for autographs. Then they dyed it and nobody ever recognized me.

I got booed off the stage at a children’s awards show. But I’ve always said, if I manage to convince someone that I’m an evil little bastard, I must be doing something right.

Harry Potter is the most powerful catalyst ever. If there’s someone you want to get in with, the first question is, Do they have kids? Yes? Brilliant. Tell them I’ll get Daniel Radcliffe ’round their house.

I wrote to JK Rowling, thanking her. Not only for the great stories and for bringing literacy back single-handedly, but she gave me a lot more than that. I’ve met a lot of friends for life and met my girlfriend on that set.

I don’t think you ever think that you’ve made it. I don’t think Rob Pattinson even thinks that. It’s not all about what happens in a year, it’s about what happens in hopefully in 10, 20, or 30 years.

I write songs for fun. There are a lot of hours as an actor when you’re not doing anything, so my guitar dwindles my time away pretty productively. If I weren’t an actor, I’d be a struggling musician. Sounds poetic, doesn’t it? FB

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4 thoughts on “Tom Felton featured in Nylon magazine’s “New Hollywood” edition

  1. It’s a good thing reading you’re taking songwriting as a hobby, for that’s how good music always start, and gain improvement with time.

    You’re not taking anything for granted, nor as a due, which is a wise reaction.

    Your meeting with your girlfriend on the set had a true on impact on your life, Thomas, it can’t be denied. May it last.

    With Love,


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