Rockin’ Out: Tom Felton Makes Tunes With Two Friends (Pic Included!)

As some of you are aware, when our one and only Misha askedTom Felton, on behalf of all his fans, if he could record a thank you video if he wins Best Villian, he said that he was heading to the studio.

Now, we have a picture for you of the “wicked day” (as Daveyboyz states it!) that Tom had with his friends, daveyboyz and sam_!

T,_D,_S_Studio_Day_5-13-10 - cut

Thanks, Daveyboyz, for the picture.

Check out Daveyboys Youtube Channel Here.

Check out Sam’s Youtube Channel Here.

Hopefully, we’ll be hearing some new music from Tom soon. And don’t forget we get a Thank You video if Tom wins Best Villian… so, whichever Hogwarts House you affiliate yourself with, we can still win this. As a Wise Sorting Hat I know said, we have to work together now and not discriminate. So keep on voting, Feltbeaters!


3 thoughts on “Rockin’ Out: Tom Felton Makes Tunes With Two Friends (Pic Included!)

  1. He didn’t actually say he’d film a video for us if he won. Hm. I don’t really know what “go ahead” is supposed to mean lol

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