Tom Felton to attend “Get him to the Greek” premiere in Las Vegas

If you follow Tom Felton on Twitter, you are probably aware that Tom is currently having a nice little vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. You may even remember the poignant moment when Tom shared this news with his fans, in a very detailed and insightful way:


But alas, Tom’s trip is not all play and no work, because tonight he is attending the Las Vegas premiere of “Get him to the Greek.” In this new movie staring Jonah Hill and Russel Brand, Tom has a small, but very funny, cameo. Last month, Jonah Hill told the story of how Tom became a part of the movie.

The premiere took place earlier tonight at 6:30 pm inside Planet Hollywood’s Chi Theater.

In addition to the premiere, we have word that Tom was actually interviewed by E! Online’s Ben Lyons for his show The Daily 10. According to Ben’s Twitter account, he and Tom played Blackjack:

I just won some $ playing Blackjack with Tom Felton! @THEDAILY10 #GetBen2TheGreek

Also, Ben commented on his interview with Tom:

I think @tomfelton & @rustyrockets are 2 of the best actors to interview. Funny, professional, and always entertaining. #GETHIMTOTHEGREEK

I think that’s quite a statement from someone who interviews celebrities for a living! 😉

If you find any more photos of Tom in Vegas or of the premiere, please let us know! We will bring them to you as soon as possible!

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3 thoughts on “Tom Felton to attend “Get him to the Greek” premiere in Las Vegas

  1. The shoot inside the casino is getting me thinking of a Scorcese’s movie!

    I’m so glad than Thomas is enjoying a little nice vacation into a place he loves very much, but also feels comfortable with. it’s the same for me with Singapore.

    With Love,


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