34 thoughts on “First short video of Tom Felton as adult Draco Malfoy

  1. OMG, that’s definitely not what I thought he’d look like at 36! They made him look close to 60 in my opinion! *slightly appalled*

  2. I don’t like how everyone in the epilogue “aged”. they look waaaay too old. 36 isn’t that old! yuck! 🙁

  3. I don’t think being 36yrs. makes u look like that. Unless u been on massive drugs. I still love Tom anyways. I’m sure they will fix his appearance more better in the movie. They have their technology stuff do do that. Besides I’ve seen people who I thought were in their late twenties where actually in their late thirties. People can hold the age well. Oh..well.. I still love Tom anyways… <3 =)And I hope I didn't offend anyone here. No pun intented. Just my thoughts.

  4. Wizards should get older slowlier than muggles because they live longer. But AT LEAST, Harry, Draco… should look like 37. In what world 18 + 19 are 55? That’s a HUGE mistake. I didn’t like the epilogue, but seeing it on screen is going to be even worse. I’m very disappointed.

  5. Ack! Way too old looking and it’s not amusing. Maybe it’s just the make up in ordinary light. but onscreen it will look very different. Here’s hoping they will look better in the movie. I hated the epilog in the book and am hating this too, so far.

  6. Im so so so sorry, but I never thought I would ever say this…. TOM LOOKS TERRIBLE! I am sooo not liking the beard! His hair is way too white, instead of blonde. Sorry Tom, not your best look. 🙁

  7. Tom tweeted that it was nice & warm in London. Is it still? Why is Jade wearing that huge coat??? I’m grasping at straws here! WHO IS GOING TO BE PLAYING ASTORIA????

  8. 36 is NOT old, people, really, really truly 🙂 Draco should look super hot but these pictures are a little disturbing.

  9. Draco didn’t aged well…..I’m so sad. Why must they do this to him? What’s with that horrible beard! 🙁
    Lucius looks way much better at that age. I’m sure Tom will also look fantastic when he reaches 36.
    Unless, they are trying to tell us in the film that Draco was thrown into Azkaban for many years before he was finally released, and hence he couldn’t up keep himself well??!

  10. WOAH! Incredible make-up!!! he looks older than 36 but still great 🙂
    imo, he looks younger in the video than in that pic.

  11. WOW! What shock!

    It seems they’ve wanted to underlined the stress draco has known previously in his youth, but as a result, he looks like more to me to a mad savant escaped from his laboratory than to a wizard!

    Young Scorpius is really reminiscence of Draco at the same age, good job regarding this part.

    I hope they’ll fix Thomas’s make-up during the postproduction, because at the moment, it doesn’t do it at all.

    And neither did I like the epilogue, for being too forwarded in time, justly.

    With Love,


  12. If the guy in blue short from yesterday’s photos is going to play Teddy Lupin, maybe that’s one of the reasons the director made the rest of the cast look so old. Else, Harry, Ginny, Draco, etc will look almost the same age as Teddy instead of one generation older. Maybe the producers need them to have more “parental” look by having a more mature/old face.

    But still, I hate the beard and why must JKR needs to emphasize the receding hairline for Draco in the book! 

  13. Don’t like it, all (Draco, Ron Harry) look so so sooo old, its supossed to be 36-37, NOT 55!!
    Please Yates! Maybe the director wants that they’d look so old as him.
    Sorry, but that beard and white hair of Draco doesnt fit. Long hair is well, though I imagined it short, but WHAT’S GOING UP WITH THE DIRECTOR¿¿??

    I hate the epilogue, but this will be worse.

    You haven’t the fault Tom. You surely be more handsome at 36!!!

    • I totally agree wiv u, Draco luks SOOOOOOOO old n it dus’nt suit him at all!!!! Tht hair n beard shouldnt exsist n i always imagined his hair 2 be shorter!!! I’m quite upset as i was sooo lukin 4ward 2 the epilogue but now its gonna b rely awful!!! He shud b as handsome as he is in the other films!! :(((((((

  14. I think tht scorpius is amazing n luks jus like Draco dus in the earlier films!!! But Draco….wots happened 2 him??? He luks sooo old n i am quite upset 🙁 i dnt think the beard or long ponytail shud even exsist n it luks tooo old!!!! Plz director change him!!! thts not hows he’s described in da book!!!!! i’m rely upset now :'(

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