Tom Felton says a tearful goodbye to Harry Potter

Today marks the end of filming for one of the most successful, most beloved and most amazing film franchises in movie history. Tom, who was at King’s Cross these last few days filming the epilogue for the end of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” had this very cute conversation on Twitter with Potter co-star Matt Lewis (who plays Neville Longbottom in the films), who was complaining about the Potter filming at King’s Cross:

Mattdavelewis: So I rock up to Kings Cross. Been on the train a while. Rather tired. And some people are blocking the place up shooting a stupid movie.

TomFelton: @Mattdavelewis I got blocked by the same people! Such a nuisance! Sick of these little indie films jamming up London! Get a studio : ) x

Mattdavelewis: @TomFelton Haha, it’s an outrage! Out of curiousity since I’ve now left King’s Cross, how’s it all gone? I heard it was…emotional!

TomFelton: @Mattdavelewis I’m tearing up as we tweet. It was special mate, What can I say……I’m tweetless x

To sum up, Tom posted this very sweet, emotional tweet to all of his followers:

TomFelton: what a wonderful few days at kings cross… its where it all started…i miss mrs malfoy and scorpius already

To celebrate (and mourn!) the end of filming, we’d like you all to post your favorite Draco memories! Feel free to write something, create a video or even make a graphic! We’ll sum up the best ones and post them here, and also e-mail them to Tom so he can keep them for his memories!

And, while you’re thinking over 10 years of Draco Malfoy history, please head over to and vote for Tom for Best Villain!

Thanks @TeamTomHP for the idea!

20 thoughts on “Tom Felton says a tearful goodbye to Harry Potter

    • @feltbeats “Longbottom, if brains were gold, you’d be poorer than Weasley, and that’s saying something.”

    • @feltbeats “Azkaban – the wizard’s prison, Goyle. Honestly, if you were any slower, you’d be going backwards.”

    • I must say, that i do understand what it feels like to be that sad at the end of something. I’m almost done in middle school, its the end of 8th Grade for me, and I go into the high school next year. However, that “next year”, is in about 2 weeks. One of my teachers, Mr.Richman, has been like a second father to me. And its so sad because its almost over and done with. I may never see him again! I’m gonna miss him so much, and even though its not graduation yet, the tears have already started! so any way, my point is that I understand how upseting it must be to leave what has been your family for what? the last twelve years, and I’m sure, that not only me, but the rest of your fans are here to follow and support you through whatever may come your way.

  1. My favorite Draco memory hasn’t happened yet, because it’s him riding on the back of Harry’s broom escaping the fire in the Room of Requirement. I can’t wait for that scene!

    My second favorite Draco memory is little Draco bragging in Madam Malkins in the very first movie. So so cute!

  2. I have to think of a scene..but I wanted to post this song (I’m a bit sappy) that for some reason reminded me of the end of all of *this*

    We’ve travelled a long, long time together
    And there have been alot of good things on the way,
    But now, it’s almost time for leavin’
    And the things I feel inside are very hard to say.
    But it’s time for moving on, my friend; hold back all the tears and sorrow,
    It finally is time, to go our separate ways.
    And I want to wish you well, my friend,
    As we search for new tomorrows.
    Go, as you must, but please,
    Don’t forget the yesterdays.
    Remember the dreams we dreamed together,
    All of the joys we shared at getting to today.
    Now just one time, before you leave,
    Reach out, and take my hand,
    And help me walk away.
    For it’s time for moving on, my friend; hold back all the tears and sorrow,
    It finally is time, to go our separate ways.
    And I want to wish you well, my friend,
    As we search for new tomorrows.
    Go, as you must, but please… Don’t forget the yesterdays.

  3. this is my favorite Draco/Tom Felton moment is…. movie wise.

    “bet you love that didn’t you potter. famous harry potter. can’t even go into the bookshop without making the page.”

    book wise… page 522 <3

  4. Favorite moment…. In the first five movies, there’s always one moment, at least, where he looks absolutely TERRIFIED. I always thought his freaking out face was hysterical, so I rather enjoy those.
    But in the sixth one, the astronomy tower scene, hands down. He was more emotional than I’d ever seen him, and it was rather heartbreaking.

  5. My favourite moments without contest are from POA(where Hermione tells the bottom of her thoughts by punching Draco across the face for causing Buckbeak’s ordeal), and of course, from HBP(revealing his true self by not killing Dumbledore, realizing he’s not “made” for this “job”).

    Yes, Thomas, this time, it’s truly over. I’m glad you had such a great moment at King’s Cross.

    With Love,


  6. Aww one thing that always reminds me of Draco is Green Apples. 😀 He has one in the 3rd movie and 6th…on his birthday, I celebrate by eating them 😉 It’s going to be weird knowing that i won’t have that excitement of seeing another Harry Potter Book come to movie…aahh this is making me emotional. And yes HBP Astronomy Scene : BEST ACTING that I have ever scene from him and probably from anyone his age <3 He really showed his character there :). I have a million favourite quotes from him:
    "You're gonna regret this! You and your bloody chicken!"-Draco Malfoy, HP3

    "This class is ridiculous"-Draco Malfoy, HP3
    "Another minute or two and I, er, could have lost my arm."-Draco Malfoy, HP3
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    "You're getting a bit obsessed with Malfoy, Harry. I mean, thinking about missing a match just to follow him…"-Ron, HBP(In The Book) <3 Fits us FeltonFans well I think 😀 😀 😀 😀 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. the thing I will miss most of all is that famous malfoy smirk….and just being able to watch the movies, watchin him grow from a snarky little boy to a great person…*tears*…best thing ever

  8. Yes, it’s very, very sad to see Harry Potter end, but does it really? Once the Deathly Hallows part 2 comes out, you’ll be able to watch from beginning to end over and over until you become blurry-eyed, or even teary-eyed. But I know this is mostly talking about everyone’s favorite Draco scenes, but mine has to be all of them. Without a doubt, all of them are my favorite. <3

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