Photo of Tom Felton in “Get Him to the Greek”

Thanks lizzieshaeffer we now have a photo of Tom Felton from his small cameo role in the movie “Get Him to the Greek”

lizzieshaeffer wrote on Twitter:

so Tom Felton from Harry Potter has a cameo in “Get Him To The Greek” and that made my night. he is gorgeous! they make a Snape joke to him.

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12 thoughts on “Photo of Tom Felton in “Get Him to the Greek”

  1. Looks like his characer is of the kind hanging around in parties, towards having a good time with anyone meeting his liking! *lol*

    The hair style is pretty much surfer-like, though.

    With Love,


    • lolol! Yeah we’ve been getting used to seeing Tom as if he was a 60 year old. hehehe This is refreshing.

  2. Ahh! I saw this film a few weeks ago because my sister won tickets, I heard about him being in it beforehand but wasn’t sure, so when he came on screen it made my life ahaha, I loved his hair in it 🙂

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