Snitchseeker Posts Spoiler of Tom Felton’s Cameo in “Get Him to the Greek”

For those of you unable to see Tom’s cameo appearance in “Get Him to the Greek,” have no fear. In their review of the film, Snitchseeker reveals  (spoils, don’t read if you don’t want to know!) Tom’s cameo in the Hollywood comedy.

As reported by KatieBell:

There are loads of cameos in this film, everyone from Pink to Meredith Vieira turns up. Most notable to our readers would be the brief appearance of Tom Felton in one of the London nightclub forays. Standing near a bar, watching the crowd, Tom is approached by Aaron (Jonah Hill), who tries to impress the Harry Potter actor. Tom, however, is having none of it.

Aaron: I’m at a table in the back with Aldous Snow.
Tom: Great.
Aaron: Feel free to bring Professor Snape.

Tom is unamused.

Aaron: We’ll play some late night Quidditch.
Tom: Leave it. (walks away)

“Get Him to the Greek” will be released in theaters in the U.S. tomorrow. Let us know if you see it!

You can read KatieBell’s full review of the film at


8 thoughts on “Snitchseeker Posts Spoiler of Tom Felton’s Cameo in “Get Him to the Greek”

  1. I’m going to see that movie, I can’t wait to see Tom in it. My image of him with Jonah Hill in that scene is hilarious xD

  2. It should be a good movie 😀 The Foxboro HotTubs are in it too, well their song ”Stop, Drop and Roll!!!” is. They’re one of Green Day’s side band.

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