Spoiler Alert! Tom Felton’s Cameo in “Get Him to the Greek” Video

Thanks to Russian media not following international copyright laws, Tom’s cameo in “Get Him to the Greek” is now online… in Russian.

While most of us won’t be able to follow the words, does it matter? 😉 Here’s the script, anyway.

Aaron: I’m at a table in the back with Aldous Snow.
Tom: Great.
Aaron: Feel free to bring Professor Snape.

Tom is unamused.

Aaron: We’ll play some late night Quidditch.
Tom: Leave it. (walks away)


20 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert! Tom Felton’s Cameo in “Get Him to the Greek” Video

  1. I could watch that video in any language-not understanding a thing said and still be as happy as a clam : ))

  2. Wow, ehm… I expected a little more, I have to say… Is there any other scene in the movie with Tom?

    Anyway, he looks really, really good… I like his hair 🙂

    • Yeah but he’s sort of a jerk version of real Tom Felton. 😉

      You know like how Wil Wheaton in Big Bang Theory plays “Evil Wil Wheaton” – LOL! This is the Evil Tom. =)

  3. Sorry for spamming here but I have to add that watching this I cannot see the Hogwarts student anymore. Only some very handsome young man…

  4. I didn’t realize that was in Russian till the very end. I just thought the guy had a very thick Scottish accent. o_O

    Our Thomas looks good though!

  5. I went to see the flik at the cinema and didnt know he was going to be in it… When it got to that scene i near on peed my pants i was that freakin excited! I yelped when he first walked on! LoL! My boyfriend was NOT impressed… LoL! Ah well…

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