FeltBits: Another MTV interview; Late Late arrival; “Get Him To The Greek”; and vote!

First up, we have a new article from MTV where they mention they have a new interview with Tom Felton coming soon:

Coming off the glittery red carpet premiere for “The A-Team” last night, we’ve got a slew of interviews and behind-the-scenes trips planned in the hours ahead. We’ll be chatting with “Harry Potter” star Tom Felton and Movie Awards host Aziz Ansari. We’ll be stopping by the Nokia Theatre to take in a 50 Cent show. And we’ll continue to bring you exclusive looks at how the craziness that is the Movie Awards is taking shape.

I can’t wait to hear it! MTV must be racking up quite a phone bill, as much as they’ve been chatting with Tom lately!

We will of course bring it to you as soon as we see something from MTV!

Next, as you should be aware, Tom Felton is set to be a guest on The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010. The Late Late Show is an American late-night television talk and variety show on CBS hosted by Craig Ferguson which immediately follows Late Show with David Letterman.

If you’re on the West Coast, this could be a great chance for you to see Tom in person! Although the show tapes in front of a live studio audience at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, it seems tickets may be “sold out.”

However, Feltbeats.com has learned from a studio insider that Tom Felton is scheduled to arrive at the studios at 5:30 pm that day.

If you’re able to see him and take pictures, please send them to us asap! We’d love to get a sneak preview of what he’s wearing!

“Get Him To The Greek” has now hit theaters, and lots of fans are surprised by the really cute cameo from Tom Felton. (Spoiler Alert! Click here for an illegal preview!)

Film School Rejects has recently released an interview with “Get Him To The Greek” director Nicholas Stoller. In it, Stoller discusses how Tom Felton ended up with a cameo in the film:

Film School Rejects: And I always wonder about stuff like the little bit with Tom Felton. Is that stuff where you write it and then you wish that Tom Felton would do it…?

Nick: We really wanted a Harry Potter cameo. Like we realized fans of the movies…and just like he’s in England, it seemed like a funny…We asked Tom Felton and he’s a fan of our movies, and was really excited, and was just like a gentleman and was really psyched to get to improv, I think, because I don’t think they do much of that, obviously, on the Harry Potter movies. It was just hilarious. And we kind of had areas that we wanted to improv in, certainly.

Read more at Film School Rejects: Jonah Hill, Nicholas Stoller and Making Movies with Friends – Film School Rejects http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/features/jonah-hill-nicholas-stoller-and-making-movies-with-friends.php#ixzz0pxHzAxP3

And lastly, I can’t post something today without reminding you to vote for Tom Felton for MTV Best Villain! He’ll be at the awards show this weekend – we don’t want him to go home empty-handed, do we?

Vote now!

Thanks for reading! Go and vote! 😉

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