Happy Birthday, Draco!

Firstly, we here at Feltbeats.com would like wish Mr. Draco Malfoy a very happy 30th birthday. As you can see from this exclusive photograph that Feltbeats has obtained through secret means (Thank you, Rita! *wink*), Draco had an absolute blast at his Hogwarts birthday party.

We’d also like to let everyone know that Warner Brothers is having a Harry Potter merchandise sale in honor of Draco’s birthday! Through June 7th, the shop is giving a 20% discount on all Potter merchandise, in addition to free US shipping. That’s a great deal. Time to buy your Draco wand. 😉

And, in lieu of flowers or presents (trust me you can’t buy something for someone who has everything!), Draco has requested that all birthday gifts be given in the form of a vote for Tom Felton for Best Villain, here, at this site:

Vote for Tom!

Draco thanks you. =) No really, he sent me an owl and said to say thanks. Serious.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Draco!

  1. It makes me extremely happy that I already have that Draco t-shirt. Bought it especially for the premier of Half-Blood Prince 🙂

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