“Felton won” is world-wide trending topic on Twitter as Tom Felton wins first MTV award

After Tom Felton won his first MTV Movie Award for Best Villain (for his portrayal of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies), the phrase “Felton won” has become a trending topic around the world on Twitter!

Thanks to skykingcat:

The MTV Tweet Tracker, showing almost 700 and then 1873 tweets/min when Tom won (AMAZING!):

Thanks to @Jesskat3 for some of the images!

7 thoughts on ““Felton won” is world-wide trending topic on Twitter as Tom Felton wins first MTV award

    • @feltbeats Tom Felton has made us, Argentinian fans, very happy too! ♥
      GO TOM! You deserve it! Great actor, great gay!

  1. thats epic!!! go Tom! 😀 <333
    ..but then how come that isn't actually Tom in the picture used for the Tweet Tracker? 😛

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