Mark Wahlberg apologizes for shenanigans during Tom Felton’s acceptance speech

As you are probably aware, when Tom Felton was accepting his award for MTV’s Best Villain, Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg were dangling from harnesses above him as part of a “Best Villain” skit.

Some fans were upset, however, because Will and Mark kept interrupting Tom during his acceptance speech. Mark even said something like, “You’ve got to be kidding!” when Tom was trying to thank his mum.

Mark Wahlberg however, redeemed himself a bit in my eyes by coming up to Tom after the show an apologizing to him. Of course, being a British person, Tom Felton actually apologized to him FIRST (I have no idea why! What Tom, are you apologizing for interrupting Mark’s comedy sketch with your MTV award acceptance speech? LOL!). Watch the video below!

Tom also commented on the incident on his Twitter account:

and a big thank you to mark wahlberg for co writing my acceptance speech, we got together a couple of days ago and wrote that little skit x

i was joking about the wahlberg speech! i was a bit stumped by the situation but did my best, not an everyday occurrence x

I think Tom did a great job and didn’t seem phased at all by the situation! Quite a pro!

Thanks to @NoonaZ for the tip!

12 thoughts on “Mark Wahlberg apologizes for shenanigans during Tom Felton’s acceptance speech

    • Kindness is one of Thomas’s key qualities.

      By accepting Walhberg’s apologies, he’s shown he was a way better than this one has previously been with him during his acceptance’s speech. That’s how we can recognize great Souls when we see one: they know how to let go, know how to forgive, and move on to something else.

      I can rely to that, I’m a bit the same…

      With Love,


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  2. Wow. that punk was so rude, I really wanted to go up and kill him. Tom handled it very well though, but I felt bad for him. He deserves so much better.

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