A few new pictures of Tom Felton at the MTV Movie Awards

Thanks various websites and fans, we still have a few new photos of Tom’s great moment and unforgettable evening.


The award is really mine!

Tom and Jade with Waldo

the great moment – shortly after the announcement of the winner

You can see all photos of this unforgettable moment in our gallerie MTV Movie Awards 2010

10 thoughts on “A few new pictures of Tom Felton at the MTV Movie Awards

  1. Congrats to Tom… he so deserved this!! He made Draco so evil yet still kept his sad vulnerabiltity!! Thats one of the things I love about Draco… hes not completely black and white so you never know whether to write him off as pure evil or to give him another chance… Tom gives him those beautiful layers!! I loved his sweet acceptance speech… so lovely to hear him thank Jade and his mum!! Now thats the sweetheart we know and love… not at all like the baddie he portrays in the movies!! Also he and Jade both looked impeccable, so proud and happy for him!!

  2. well the Only reason i watched the MTV awards was for Mr.Felton.He is Truly Amazing.
    and i loved his speech it was so… mature?.. sounded like he was the most sophisticated one in the room.Mr.Felton deserved this 🙂

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