Tom Felton: I’m sure it’s not the last time we’ve seen the Harry Potter studios

In this interview, Tom Felton discusses the end of Harry Potter and what it was like during the final days of filming. While many expected a big emotional last day, Tom says it was rather terse. The big party is planned for the release of the final film in 2011.

Harry Potter actor Tom Felton says it “hasn’t sunk in yet” that the cast has finished making the movies.

The actor, who plays Draco Malfoy, said his last day of shooting for the final films hadn’t been sad but instead was “weird”.

“I was expecting this big emotional breakdown but instead the first AD (assistant director) got out the microphone and listed the names of people who it was their last day and forced the crew for a ripple of applause and then we walked off and that was it,” Tom revealed.

“The reason why it perhaps hasn’t sunk in yet is because we always feel like we’re going to be asked back for something or other, I’m sure it’s not the last time we’ve seen those studios,” he laughed.

The young actor said when the final film comes out in 2011, the cast are set to have the mother of all celebrations. He said: “We have to don’t we? Rumours are that there is going to be a mammoth party. I’m very excited for that, hopefully we’ll get a chance to say our farewells and hug everyone goodbye.”

Tom also discussed the new Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, which opens in about a week and which many Feltbeats fans – and Tom Felton himself – plan to attend.

Tom hopes the franchise’s new theme park – The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando – will help with the cast’s “withdrawal symptoms”.

“It’s good for us because if we ever have withdrawal symptoms we can just walk around the park and be like, ‘yeah we’re back!'” the actor joked.

The park gets its grand opening on June 18, and Tom plans to be first in line.

“I’m a theme park junkie so to be immortalised in a theme park is a dream come true!” he said.

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  2. I sincerely hope so than everyone will be able to bid its farewells properly to each other in two years, for I found too than the last day of filming, resumed across your eyes, Thomas, wasn’t quite very correct, nor very polite.

    You, a theme park junkie? Not very surprised either! *lol*

    With Love,


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