Rumor: Tom Felton to star in new horror movie, “Evac”

Thanks to, we have this new story from “Moviehole.” According to the site, Tom Felton has landed a starring role as an army sergeant in a new $12.5m “Military Mutant Horror” picture called, “Evac.”

The official synopsis has “Evac”‘s story as this:

Eastern Russia. One week before Christmas. A government lab is awakened by the arrival of some local poultry farmers. But why bring them here? Each of the men are rabid trying to bite anyone who comes close to them. Why are they this way? What is the cure? Neither question can be answered.

Anchorage Alaska. Three days before Christmas. A large container ship, from Russia unloads its cargo. Amongst the containers is a shipment of turkeys ready to be served up on Christmas Day to the locals, including the local army base.

Christmas Day Sgt. Gerry Maguire and three others, following the wrath of their commander, are sent on patrol as the rest of the base tuck into a lavish meal. On their return that evening, Gerry and the others enter what looks like a desserted base. But little do the know what they are about to be faced with could change Christmas, and possibly the entire country, forever.

According to Moviehole, Tom will play Sgt. Gerry Maguire opposite Michael Biehn (“Aliens,” “Grindhouse”) and the film will be directed by Peter MacDonald (“Rambo 3”).

Feltbeats has not yet been able to officially confirm this rumor – but we will let you know the second we hear something!

12 thoughts on “Rumor: Tom Felton to star in new horror movie, “Evac”

    • @feltbeats went to watch take me into the Greek house yesterday, I think that’s what its called. It was really good 🙂 Xx

  1. Anyway, the message’s clear: before eating any poultry, you’ve better check out the provenance, the tracibility. And once again, looks like it’s the fault of our neighbors from Russia!

    Yes, I’d prefer to get some official confirmation, although I must admit that the very résumé featured above, got me laughing like a good joke.

    With Love,


  2. No way! I love Michael Biehn! Sounds alright if its done well. I wonder if it will have a sense of humour or if its all horror. Its really hard – or almost impossible – to do a good horror worth seeing without the film poking fun at itself or including some awesomely funny one-liners.

    I don’t mind scaring myself stupid if I can laugh about it too =P

      • he should’ve been in ‘Sweat’ with bonnie, playing the leading man. the guy they cast is like 8/9 yrs OLDER than bonnie and there are physical differents and i watched the trailer and i couldnt help thinking the WHOLE time ‘pedo, pedo, pedo…’. it looks disturbing, certainly to me.

        plus if they had cast tom along side bonnie, all us DG fans would die happy 🙂 lol

  3. is it just me? or does this movie sound boring and unappealing? sure its rumoured that tom’s gonna be in it, but even if he is there’s a high probability that i wont watch it.

    i hate these kind of things, movies/tv series, etc. X happens and Z are alone and have to fight and figure out what Y is and why Y is happening and where everyone is. blah blah blah…its just my opinion

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