Catch a glimpse of Tom Felton in latest “Deathly Hallows” teaser trailer

I’ve never been so thankful Draco Malfoy is a blond. It makes it so much easier to find him!

You can see Tom for a second around the 2:00 mark.

By K$uhaJade.

By K$uhaJade.

From Misha (so as not to attribute my stupid remarks to Lily, haha): Thanks @skykingcat and @CathleneGriffin for the screenshot! I was trying to get one myself, but got sick of watching Ginny/Harry kissing over and over (kept accidentally pausing there!) and gave up. By the way check out the emotion on Tom’s face – that there’s some actin’ right there, boys and girls.

Thanks to the DailySnitcher for the link!

34 thoughts on “Catch a glimpse of Tom Felton in latest “Deathly Hallows” teaser trailer

  1. Hello fellow felbeats lovers!! Just curious if anyone else noticed that if you pause the trailer at 1:30 The man there looks very Feltish with his features. Just curious as to what you guys thought.

  2. I knew RIGHT AWAY i screamed TOM i mean MALFOY I mean DRACO MALFOY hahahha i was screaming throughout the whole TRAILER and my room mate knocked on my door to know if i m okay !! hahahah WHOOPS Harry Potter makes me SO EXCITED and my heart was beating SO FAST the whole TIME !!! I WANT MORE MORE AND MORE !!! <3 <3 HARRY POTTER FAN FOREVER 6 HALF YEARS SO HAPPY TO BE A FAN ….GO SLYTHERIN SORTING HAT PUT ME DERE ANYDAY ANY MINUTE :):):) Tom really does a great acting 😀 sometimes i have to like re-think OMG its Tom and i keep going back and forth Draco Malfoy to Tom Felton its like he has a twin playing Draco !!!! 😛 🙂 LOVE U ALWAYS TOM <3

  3. Хаха, филбитс с**здил мои 2 скриншота (верхний и по середине)
    это я их сделала и выложила на форум, даже рамки одинаковые! вот блиН!

    Ладно, Драко великолепен тут 😀
    жаль что это можно будет увидеть только в 2011 году…:)

    Ха, главное трио бегут вперёд, а Драко вверх xD

  4. This trailer was pure enchantment!

    You can feel the tension rising gradually, as soon as Volemort’s showing up, that this is going to be no joke.

    And looks like our dear Draco’s good for a fall, wouldn’t be holding out for dear life…

    Thomas knows pretty well render such a pressure and stress, when it comes to that.

    With Love,


    • Those screenshots are credited to two different people and I’m not seeing any watermarks on them besides. Your accusation is baseless and illogical.

    • Hi! The first screenshot was e-mailed to me and asked for no credit. If you – or someone else – made the screenshot, please let us know and we have no problem crediting you.

    • Hi there!

      I will add you as a credit. Thanks for letting us know!

      Please realize that people send us e-mails and links all the time, and it is sometimes hard to credit things if we’re not told the source (or we’re told the wrong source). So, just let us know and we’ll always give credit where it’s due. We love to credit people. LOL. =)


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