Tom Felton should get paid for this.

It seems the Digital Spy likes to name drop just as much as Tom does (I’m teasing you, Tom. Shush). But it also seems that the good karma Tom has wished Ryan Air is coming their way in the form of free, good publicity.

Tom Felton has publicly thanked Ryanair for returning his iPad after he left it on one of their planes.

The Harry Potter star praised the airline’s staff on his Twitter page this afternoon.

“Dear Ryan air. I would like to take my hat off to your lost and found department.I left my iPad one of your planes and you returned it to me (sic),” he wrote.

“Such a relief! Good karma coming your way! xxx”

Felton had previously expressed his delight at owning the iPad, calling it “beautiful” and “lovely to look at”.

The actor, who recently completed filming his role as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, has admitted that he will miss the franchise.

Good on you, Tom. Here’s hoping the good karma can be paid forward.

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton should get paid for this.

  1. I think he should get paid for advertising McDonalds and other fast food brands, and he should urgently trade-mark McFelton before it is marketed as a tribute to him 🙂 Hey, I watched a McDonald’s commercial where a little blond boy pokes a squid with a fork — voluntarily — because Tom recommended it!

  2. He’s really got to keep better track of his things – remember when he forgot his iPod at Starbucks? LOL

  3. It’s always a relief when a society or a company is true to whatever services are expected from it, but also than there are always some honest people to do what’s right.

    I’d say than Thomas is of the distracted kind, a bit like I’m, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Save that indeed, somebody lost too often in its thoughts is like ready to miss the boat…

    With Love,


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