Brief flash of Tom Felton during ABC Behind The Scenes video – Run, Draco, Run!

Thanks to my very best friend – the lovely, talented and brilliant @masterofmystery – who apparently has more trailer-freeze-frame skillz than the rest of us, we now have this shot of Tom Felton during the ABC “The Story” sneak peek segment.

Apparently, Draco, Goyle and Blaise are trying to escape during the Room of Requirement fiendfyre scene.

What do you think is going on in the background? UPDATE: So, apparently this is behind the scenes, so those guys with push brooms are actually crew members working behind the scenes. Rather than Death Eaters with push brooms, as I had previously suspected. (Don’t mock me! It could have been a MAGIC push broom! JK Rowling has thought of sillier things! =P)

23 thoughts on “Brief flash of Tom Felton during ABC Behind The Scenes video – Run, Draco, Run!

  1. Taking a guess that they are going into or out of the Room of Requirement when Goyle (cause Crabbe got kicked off the movie set) sets off the fiendfyre.
    I would hazard a guess at going INTO the Room. Or leaving…and that fire is part of the fiendfyre.
    Who knows, eh? =)

  2. I agree with Amy_Marie13 with the scene. I think it’s the getting out of the Room of Requirement… So it’s Blaise with them now instead of Crabbe? Well, big improvement anyway. 🙂

    As for the background, I’m pretty sure that’s crew. Hehe

  3. I dont think its from trailer but from the parts they showed on ABC Family. Must be Room of Requirement. I like how Malfoy is pulling Goyle’s sleeve.

  4. i just tweeted you about this, lmao, but i reckon this is a behind-the-scenes angle from the room of requirement scene where draco’s dragging goyle out or around the fire, and the dude with the broomstick’s just a crew member or something getting it ready for the scene. harry did save draco’s life from the fiendfyre on a broom, so i’m guessing it’s one of those.

    i just KNEW draco was in that particular quick bit too, but i couldn’t get a clear image till now.

    • Yesss, everything makes sense to me now.

      I was thinking they were Death Eaters. With push brooms. And sand.

      Sort of lame Death Eaters if you ask me. Even *I* could take out a Death Eater armed with a push broom!

      (unless it was a MAGIC push broom)

      • It doesn’t look like a broom to me. More like one of those long poles they have microphones on that they dangle over the scene to record the actors lines.

  5. Oh my gosh… They messed it all up!!! its supposte to be Malfoy, Goyle and CRABBE!!! Because Crabbe betrays Malfoy in there!!! doesnt anyone read the book?!?!?!?

    • Umm, yes, but the actor who plays Crabbe is no longer in the movies. Go to IMDB. It’s all there. So yes, they read the books, but seeing as he has some drug charge, Crabbe is out. They’re not replacing Crabbe’s scene with Blaise – it will be Blaise and Malfoy saved, and Goyle will be the one betrayed. Not really their fault they had to change it.

      • oh! thank you for telling me. i dont really know how to find out all this stuff… i love in america and nobody is cool enough to tell us about harry potter.. all they care about is stupid twilight.. but did twilight make a theme park?? no! they didnt! but thank you shawnn for telling me.. greatly appreciated and i take back my judgement on the the movie

          • Yeah, he was growing pot in his house, apparently Harry Potter didn’t pay him enough and he needed a little business on the side!

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